South Coast rockers Blind Falcon have a new single out this week called “Messiah”, and we at Rock Regeneration have the pleasure in reviewing it. This single came to me via guitarist Cameron (Brash Bullets) and is a far cry from their Grunge/Punk output. Classic Rock appears to be the order of the day here with a notable radio-friendly slant. Thumping drums pepper the intro allowing a scratchy guitar sound to make itself known. The bass throbs throughout but the layered vocals are delivered with the confidence of someone I feel is no stranger to a live stage.

The samples/effects that appear in the bridge are more akin to bands close to my heart like Therapy? for instance, however, the guitar squalls and noodles hint more towards the mid-80’s. In the more gravelly, heartfelt vocals I’m briefly reminded of Joan Jett, but then I’m intrigued by the need for a 2nd bridge. The line ‘who are you, to tell us what to do…’ is a lyric that will resonate with many. I just feel that at nearly 6 minutes duration they need to either shorten the song for ‘airplay potential’ or hold it back for an album. But; as an entry point for new listeners, this is a decent opener.

Band members
Emily Golborn – Vocals & Bass
Benn Feeney – Drums
Gary Cuthbert – Lead Guitar
Cam Marsh – Rhythm Guitar


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

Blind Falcon