Dustlight is a Bournemouth based three-piece Grunge/Alt Rock band. This is their second self-released EP, the first under the name “Dustlight”; they previously went under the name of “Rise Before Fallen” and released a 5 track EP called The Rain. The EP was produced in conjunction with Steven Hurley and Johnathan Harris locally at Poole College.

The EP opens with a short slow introduction called “Conjecture” with features some sedate guitar work, coupled with a few lines of vocals before trailing into “Vicarious”. This immediately shows a marked improvement in all areas: the percussion, guitars and vocals show that the guys have been working hard furrowing out their own sound. The track is a slow burner with intermediate bursts of energy with some nice dark atmospheric guitar work towards the end.


“Rapture” starts off slow before bass and drums come crashing in, with a continuous Grungey guitar riff helping to feel the pain of a failed/difficult relationship, Matt sings “I just don’t know what I did to fall in love with you like this, I only wish you could stay, nothing seems to go my way”. “As An Alloy” starts off with a very Nirvana’esque guitar intro before Matt starts with a shoutier strained vocal which really does him no favours, not their finest.

Things start to get interesting with “Catherine Wheel”, another slow burning start with some much better vocals and a teen angst-type song with the writer possibly sat in their bedroom complaining about life. “DTF” injects some much-needed energy into the recording with a faster paced Punky sound, a sort of last song of the night to get the crowd moshing. The band combine well here with some punchy rhythm, coupled a dirty guitar sound with some feedback along the way. There are certainly some promising moments here, but for me, the band have still a lot of learning and many more discoveries to make.

Dustlight are
Guitar/Vocals – Matt Osborn
Bass – James Fripp
Drums – Ethan Gould

Track Listing
As An Alloy
Catherine Wheel


Contact: dustlightband@gmail.com

Words by David Chinery (Chinners)

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