The name Cutlass for me conjures up images of pirates swinging between ships with said weapon clenched between their teeth and a murderous look in their eyes. The band Cutlass is just as sharp and cuts deep to the bone with their hook-laden heavy Rock.

Using Bournemouth and Poole on Dorset’s South West coast as a base from which to launch their attack on the UK’s smaller venues, Cutlass have already played several shows to good reviews. I have yet to witness them but no doubt I won’t have to wait long. In the meantime, I’ll content myself with listening to their self-titled EP.

Half of Cutlass is made up of two chaps from a couple of my favourite bands: Alex Jack (guitar) from Doomsters Greenhorn and on drums Luke Duffield from (the now defunct but heavy as fuck) In The Hills. So already I know that I’m sorted for riffs and beats before the music even starts! But when the music does begin I’m glad to say that having expected something really slow and heavy I’m treated to a more upbeat approach that is enhanced by the addition of Anika Mason on bass and the vocal prowess of Lucy Grogan.


Onto the music and Cutlass aren’t letting themselves be pigeonholed as the all the tracks have a bit of variety about them. It’s heavy Rock but with pinches of Doom and even Hip-Hop. The spoken word section on “Get Out” reminded me of Tairrie B from My Ruin, in fact, I kept getting flashbacks of this all through the E.P.; but saying that, Cutlass is still keeping their sound original and fresh. The riffs are huge and the overall standard of playing on the E.P. is second to none. I like the fact that each song is very individual but still retains the bands own stamp. The tunes are also extremely catchy and I even caught myself humming “Witch Bitch” during an office meeting.

So; overall some banging stuff from these guys, standout tracks for me ‘Black Dog’ and the previously mentioned “Witch Bitch”. Check ‘em out on Bandcamp and donate some pennies to fund the music.

Track Listing
Death Bell
Witch Bitch
Get Out
Heaven Knows
Black Dog


Words: Dan O’Gara