Cosmos Calling

Vocalist’s Harry Preen and Phoebe Taylor, guitarist Darragh Burke, bassist Tom Chapman and drummer Gabriel Alexander formed Cosmo Calling earlier this year after they met at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. They already have one single under their belt, namely the punchy “On the Wire” and their follow up, “Like Lightning” comes hot on its heels as the band look to consolidate their fan base. With influences as far ranging as Foals, Fleetwood Mac, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Alabama Shakes and Arcade Fire the quintet say they have been working to create a sound that is entirely their own by melding their differing tastes into a new musical stew, letís see if it has worked.

“Like Lightning” kicks off with a short intro involving the whole band and a simple motif on keyboard before dropping away to a sparse accompaniment of bass and drums, which allows the twin vocal attack of Phoebe and Harry to shine as they intertwine and harmonise over a melody that initially brought to mind Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”. But the comparison was fleeting, as the song takes its own path building with the addition of Darraghís guitar towards an infectious, soaring chorus. The trick is repeated again on a second verse and chorus that leads into a bridge and a final flourish with the band in full flight.

Cosmos Calling

The song has an overall summery feel that brought to mind nineties indie favourites The Sundays, which is no bad thing, as there is a gap in the market for this brand of melodic pop/rock. It is too early to say if Cosmo Calling have found a sound to call their own on the strength of two songs, but the big plus for the band is in having two strong, distinctive voices, some bands donít even have one. So to get to the crux of the matter, have they got a hit on their hands, with radio exposure, a fair wind and a big dollop of luck, why not! ëLike Lightningí will be released on 8th September.

Line Up
Vocals – Harry & Phoebe
Guitar – Darragh
Bass – Tom
Drums – Gabriel



Words By John Cherry.