Blood-Dope Honey

“Young” is the new single by Herts-based Alt/Rockers Blood-Dope Honey. Self-proclaimed as playing a mix of Punk and Grunge these guys smack you straight in the chops with a single laden with all the fury of the Grunge era (c. 1994). A hard, heavy intro – Grunge to the core; with a pained vocal that evokes memories of all those early/mid 90’s Seattle bands. There’s a nasal whine about Luke’s vocal that reminds me of Paul Draper of Mansun in places; while Jamie’s drumming is powerful throughout, matched to equally heavy guitars.

Blood-Dope Honey

The obligatory slow, low tempo mid-section gives way to a chunky bridge that you just know is going build the song back up. “Everything Was Easier When I Was Young” is such a great line – one wonders the age of these guys? Despite some obvious influences this really is a fine release by a band in its infancy, who show huge promise. Manager-less and unsigned, if this is just an appetiser then it won’t be for long.

Band Members
Thomas Edge (Bass)
Luke Phillips (Guitar/Vocals)
Jamie Smith (Drums)



Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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