Talking Heads, Southampton

The Boys

It’s the first weekend of the New Year and what better way to spend it than in the company of three great bands. Tonight has a largely Punk feel to it but that’s not all. The Boys are in town for a rare South Coast jaunt, but bringing up the rear are two bands who could grace a stage with the best of them.

Fast-rising (semi) local “lads” The Glorias are tonight’s openers. No strangers to this stage they are gathering momentum with regular supports on the local circuit and a new LP to plug. Sadly for them tonight lead singer “Gez” has man flu. So vocal duties are taken by Bill (guitar/vox), who offers a Punkier feel to the vocal. So, as a four-piece they sound chunkier – less RnB/Pub Rock, more New Wave/Punk Rock. They open with “G Men” and it’s much the same as we’ve come to expect. Bill shows little ring rust and holds the reins well. “No Mercy” is an early highlight before “Black Leather”. Andy (bass) goes a wandering almost throughout, choosing to join us punters down the front. Den (drums) is the engine room while Mark often joins Bill for some dual vocalising. “All System’s Failing” is another high point and they end their originals with “Penetration”. Joining them on stage for two covers is none other than local “youngster” Marty Mayhem. They run through “Pills” and a decent “Search and Destroy” before exiting stage right. Hopefully Gez will be well enough to return for their album launch at the Wedge (Pompey) on the 19th.

The Glorias
The Glorias 1234567

Next up are a band new to me. The interestingly monikered The Vulz. Their mix of old skool, guitar-driven RnR/Punk/Grunge is not lost on this audience either. They confidently open with “Accertone Vapour” and immediately I’m reminded (in places) of Punk’s 2nd wave. “Mixed up Kicks” comes next as Gary (lead) starts to really let go, matched to Barry’s vocals (with added Cockney drawl)! “Love Struck” is an early highlight, as is its follow up “Shelf Life”. Clayton (drums) is powerful throughout while David (bass) holds a high-line. He needs to be more low slung (IMO) but is equally as adept as the others. Barry occasionally gives song origins while attempting to engage this audience, but on the whole they give a great performance. Occasionally it’s a bit raw around the edges but I also pick up hints of Glam. A few of their songs are steeped in the personal – “Get In With Me” and “Now We’re Apart”, while they leave us with “GTO”. Another sound performance from a band well worth checking out.

The Vulz
The Vulz 123

And so to the headliners. The Boys have been around virtually from the start of the Punk era and waste no time in creating an early impression. The six band members create a huge wall of sound but despite this, all the vocals are clear and audible. Garage/Dirty RnR/PowerPunk at its finest. They open with ‘TCP’ and set out their stall early. Most of the songs are short, sharp two minute epics and there’s simply no let-up. I have to admit I only recognise two of their songs, but this doesn’t distract from a great all-round performance. “I’m A Believer” and “Punk Rock Girl” are early highlights but there are simply no low points. “Cop Cars” is lyrically hilarious and such a simple song. “Contract Hustle” would appear to hint at something more fact than fiction; while their last three tracks are their standouts beginning with “I Don’t Care”, “Brickfield Nights” and the quite excellent “First Time”, which sounds no different than back in the day! Being a six-piece they literally fill the stage so movement is at a premium. However, they more than make up for it in musicianship and power.

The Boys
The Boys 123

They leave the stage gradually, only to return soon after for a two-song encore. They depart us with “Livin’ In the City” and “Sick on You”. And that folks, was that. With a show at the 100 Club the following evening this would have been a good excuse to blow off the cobwebs in anticipation of the main event. And that they certainly did!

The Glorias
Riding With the G Men
Let’s Go
No Mercy
Black Leather
Life’ll Get Ya
All Systems Failing
The 903
Pills (New York Dolls cover)
Search and Destroy (Heartbreakers cover)

The Vulz
Accertone Vapour
Mixed Up Kicks
Love Struck
Shelf Life
Odeon Neon
Get In With Me
The Letter
Numero Uno
Now we’re Apart/XSS?

The Boys
See Ya Later
Terminal Love
I’m A Believer
Cop Cars
Punk Rock Girl
Soda Pressing
Tumble With Me
Contract Hustle
Global Warming
I Don’t Care
Brickfield Nights
First Time

Livin’ In the City
Sick On You



Review, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone

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