Hailing from Bournemouth, out of the ashes of The Kretinz and Circle of Dis – Die 1V You come kicking and screaming at us with their debut self-titled Ep. Their Facebook blog describes a band melding Punk, Metal, and Grunge influences; I however am picking up a more Horror/Punk sound.

The title for lead song “Schrodingers Pet” or indeed the content within might surprise some, involving “quantum superposition”. It’s amazing what Wikipedia throws up! Anyway, I digress… The song itself is a great slab of the aforementioned genre. Technically the musicality is well structured, the vocal(s) clear and audible while the guitar strains are tighter than on other tracks here.

Die IV You

“Man That Time Forgot” is a slight departure from the (Horror) Punk. I can’t help but detect the opening salvo from “You Don’t Belong” (UK Subs). Whether borrowed or coincidence it seems to serve them well. Downtuned and downturned the guitars are sludgy while the vocals are tortured. There’s an altogether darker undertone while added guitar squalls eek out the bridge, but parity is resumed with Alex’s dark, menacing vocal.

“Circle of Dis” is a track revived from the previous output and just as relevant to this selection of tracks. Scratchy chords in the intro give way to a fuzzy guitar sound. Experimentation aplenty going on here as Alex stretches those vocal chords. It’s dark and brooding, noodly in places – the bridge squeals and squalls are twinned with yet more cymbal bashing. The vocals are scratchy; gravelly even, but this just adds to the overall feel within.

Die IV You

“Best Served Cold” by its title alone is the perfect closer here. A crunchy guitar intro, vocal layering, and a wall of noise. Cymbal heavy in the chorus it’s Horror/Punk and some! There’s an interesting bridge, replete with chiming guitar notes before those layered vocals kick back in.

Ok so this isn’t a Bournemouth tribute to The Misfits, but when you’re chosen genre is so unlike your peers in the scene one needs to stand out. Having settled on a name that fits best, “Die 1V You” are developing the first fruits of their labour. Gigging hard won’t do them any harm either, a recent trip up to ‘the smoke’ at the legendary New Cross Inn will have afforded them a whole new audience. While I feel there is still work to do, at this early stage all the elements are in place. This is just your starter for ten – well 4 (tracks) actually!

Schrödingers Pet
Man That Time Forgot
Circus of Dis
Best Served Cold

Die IV You are
Alex Coleman (Vocals/Bass)
Simon Davey (Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Ben Godfrey (Lead Guitar)
Andrew Gartell (Drums)

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Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

Die IV You