Sound Circus, Bournemouth


Tonight the Sound Circus in Bournemouth is the place to see local singer/songwriter Jordan Aryiss launch his debut album “Amiss”. Jordan has played in a variety of bands including his first band, an alternative rock outfit called Sepia Daze, a no-nonsense punk band called Gutter Rats and a four-piece acoustic quartet called Ironic Encounter. He is somewhat of an experimenter and likes to push boundaries, exploring new styles of musical presentation. His latest project is solo and the album follows on from the release of his first EP “Air-riss”. The new material is excitingly different from anything he has done before and tonight is the first step of getting this 9 track recording out to an audience.

James Haynes
James Haynes Duo 

Before the headliner, there are a couple of hand-picked local supports to warm up the audience. The first of these is a duo of James Haynes and Christo Loukopoulos who combine acoustic and electric guitars to great effect on a host of mainly original songs. The duo delivers some warm vocal harmonies coupled with some lovely melodic guitar work. We are treated to a deeply emotional tune called “4:10”; a tribute to James’s Grandma who passed away earlier this year, an Alice in Chains cover and a final uplifting number called “City Lights” which received plenty of positive applause from the audience.

Next up we have Bournemouth’s very own multi-talented guitar/ instrumentalist Klauss Shnopplejagen. You possibly may never be able to pronounce his surname, but once you have seen this top-hatted barefoot maestro perform you will never forget him. He incorporates a range of styles into his showpieces with large amounts of progressive rock; mixed with funk, along with a little bit of everything else in between. At times he can seem a little shambolic and a little lacking in confidence, however, once he gets into his zone his atmospheric creations will astound. Using his six string electric guitar; coupled to a loop pedal and a mix of specially put together electronics, the eclectic sounds just flow. Tonight there is a lot of love for Klauss in this room and he gets lots of cheers from the well-entertained crowd.

Klauss 1

Finally, it’s time to welcome the headliner to the stage and with a host of family and friends present he gets a great welcome. Kicking off with a cheeky reworked cover of ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons, this is enough to settle his nerves before moving onto the serious part of the evening -delivering the new album live in full. The one-man band sound is created with the help of Synthesizers and electronic drum beats with Jordan swapping between bass and electric guitars. This creates an unbelievably large atmospheric sound that easily fills this small room. The sound comes from many places, to give you an idea you can expect to hear influences from the likes Muse, Twenty One Pilots and Royal Blood, along with a sprinkling of 80ís electronic pioneer Gary Numan.

The nine-track album is delivered with ease and there are so many highlights; track two “Voices” is just a huge track, starting off with an intense electric guitar coupled with some deliberate drum beats and Jordan’s passionate vocals. “Chill Glitch” sees James Haynes join in with a nicely delivered duo of harmonies and “Losing Touch” adds a very different dimension with Leo Wild’s perfectly delivered rap. Another tune was written back during the Ironic Encounter days “Relax” gets a thorough reworking, a simple but potent song with the rolling lyric “I’m trying to relax but I can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds”. I can honestly say I have never seen such a simple line like this delivered with so much passion. The evening is rounded off with couple of covers by Muse and Royal Blood, much to the delight of the rowdy audience who start a small mosh at the front.

Ayriss 1234

This young man has shown the ability to move with the times and create relevant music that people will want to listen to. Taking in his own influences and using them to create his own original sound, delivered in a unique way. You cannot fault his commitment to his cause and despite being in a string of bands, going solo might just be the making of this talented musician.

Set List
Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)
Fight the Feeling
Down and Out
Chill glitch (With James Haynes)
The Belt
Carry On
The Grigori
It’s All Ok
Losing Touch (Featuring Rapping from Leo Wild)
Hysteria (Muse)
Figure it Out (Royal Blood)


Words & Pictures by David Chinery (Chinners).

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