I'm No Chessman

Bournemouth four-piece alternative rock band I’m No Chessman have followed up their recent single release with a lively five-track EP, where the band takes some further strides into carving out a really listenable modern rock-based sound with melodic essence. The five-track EP was recorded at Blacksmith Studios in Portsmouth with its theme highlighting the troubles of social anxiety and depression. The band combines note perfect infectious rhythms with piano, guitars and Michael’s powerful vocals.

The Opening number “In the Morning” has a very Panic! At The Disco feel to it and tells the embarrassment of the morning after the night before with the lyric “Hope you all are as bad as me”. “Like Vampires” is a three minute twenty second shot in the arm of fist-pumping, uplifting Rock. “Actors” is a song that covers social anxiety, where people have to put on an act at social gatherings. “I’m watching the actor, playing my part”.

I'm No Chessman

“Tell Tales’ is trying to deliver advice on dealing with depression and low self-esteem. The guitars combine with some nicely laid down drum beats to create a well put together tune. The final track “Alive” is a celebration of youth and all its benefits, it’s quite possibly the best tune of this collection. Kicking off with some catchy guitar riffs before launching into a killer chorus. Though good, as this is I think that I’m No Chessman, are certainly not finished with their experimentation, there is plenty more gas in the tank. They have uplifting anthems and more positive themes to give which I’m in no doubt they will deliver at some stage.

Track Listing
In The Morning
Like Vampires
Tell Tales

Band Members
Micheal Rockett – Vocals/Guitar
Jason Wheeler – Guitars/Piano
Aaron Roberts – Bass
Jez Lee – Drums

I'm No Chessman


Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

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