Neck Deep

Immediately, I’m biting my nails. Another pop/punk album? Sigh. However, following the release of the highly praised EP “A History of Bad Decisions”, Neck Deep have built a phenomenal level of anticipation ahead of the release of their first full length effort, and luckily, this band have well and truly delivered.

Opener “Losing Teeth” instantly hints that this record will be a perfectly polished, melody fuelled frenzy of triumphant anthems…and the hint is correct!

Front man, Ben Barlow’s heated vocal attack never seems to waver, as an infectious, yet hard hitting array of bright instrumentals orchestrates euphoric riffs and pulsating rhythms.

Neck Deep

Although the formula for their songs occasionally becomes a touch too similar to create a unique flavour for this record, the likes of “Staircase Wit” and atmospheric, tear jerking climax, “Candour” demonstrate a spectrum of pop punk which very few bands can master to this extent.

It’s an all killer, no filler situation here. Despite ticking off virtually every pop punk cliché possible (including a hair raising key change in “Zoltar Speaks”), Neck Deep have distinguished themselves as a top class outfit through this spine shatteringly catchy collection of pop punk gems. You can ask as much as you like whether pop punk is dead…your argument is invalid. Neck Deep are well and truly keeping things alive. Make sure you catch them on tour across the UK this month, because this might be the last time that you’ll see them playing venues this small ever again.

Neck Deep

Track Listing
Losing Teeth
Crushing Grief
Staircase Wit
Damsel and Distress
Zoltar Speaks

Growing Pains
Say What You Want
Sweet Nothings
What Did You Expect?
Blank Pages


Album stream:

Words by George Fullerton.

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