Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe


On a freezing cold Friday evening a few keen souls have braved the weather and headed for Boscombe’s Cellar Bar for a night of Grunge – or so we thought? Opening for us tonight are Camden 5-piece “The Gulps” – great name, great band. Their Strokes-inspired sound is a breath of fresh air and they make an instant impression. These five hairies have an abundance of confidence and their style and stage prescence is matched by their attire. They open with the interestingly titled “Lola Cola” and straight away that Strokes sound comes across. “Stuck in the City” follows which I guess references their current dwelling. There are a few girl-related titles here but don’t let that put you off. The middle of their set is a little similar before they ramp it up with “Out of Tune”, which is anything but.

There are many influences going on here and I am glad the numbers began to swell some three songs in – they deserve it. Within their sound there is hints of RnR/Indie/Garage and no doubt other genre’s you the listener will find. Harry (lead vox) doesn’t keep still for a minute, despite the tiny stage space afforded him. He smiles regularly as he tries to cajole this crowd into action. Raoul (drums) tucked away at the back keeps a powerful beat, while the band employ some intricate breaks in timing during a couple of numbers. Their sometime garagey wall of noise is matched by occasional lazy drawls in the vocal and no two songs sound the same. I recall one or two “stolen” riffs throughout, but this is nothing new. Francesco (guitar) is chief shapeshifter while the others are the sum of each other’s parts. They have a good mix of slow and fast songs and towards the end of their set have a few people up dancing. They save the best ’til last with “Kinghouse” which is possibly their standout track.

At least four of these songs will appear on a forthcoming EP, produced by ‘Youth’ (Killing Joke) no less on the ‘Youth Sound’ label. I assume this is their first venture this far South and I don’t envisage it being their last. They leave to good applause.

The Gulps
The Gulps 

And so to the headliners. No strangers to this venue these local Grungers set out their stall early with a deafening assault of the eardrums. Deltorers are soon to release an album and tonight’s set largely features songs from that forthcoming release. Nathan (guitar/vox) is in fine voice, if a little strained at times. Zoot (drums) as ever keeps a ferocious beat in the engine room while Brendan’s nonchalant shoegaze stance is in contrast to his throbbing bass. These guys know their onions and tonight’s Winter Warmer soon has the temperature rising. They open with “Love Is” and set the bar high early as a few early movers down the front take their first steps. “Third Eye” precedes a haunting “Insight” which sees Nath reach to the very depths of his lungs. “Dirty Love” needs no introduction – one can guess what that is about?! New song “Snake Charmer” is (IMO) Rage-esque while “Chilled One” (as if they have any “chilled” songs) is simply chilled! Crowd fave ‘Keeps Me On My Toes’ gets the room moving even more and you know it’s a good show when the entire support band are moshing to the headliners!

As Nathan ups the power and increases the volume, so does his vocal. “Wow” again sees him reaching while the brilliant “She Looks Nice” briefly takes proceedings down a level. “I Guess We’ll Wait and See” for me has one of the best intro’s I’ve heard in a while. The slow to fast build of the song is truly immense. Fast becoming their set highlight it demonstrates their confidence – I just hope when the LP surfaces they can retain the power they generate in the live arena. They depart on “Meditate in the Jive” and the finale is one of earth-shattering guitar shredding and pure noise. Nathan is muddling with every pedal as the reverb takes over and after more ferocious pounding from Zoot they leave to great applause. The Deltorers stock is clearly rising and I am struggling to criticise them once more. World domination may be some way away but on tonight’s evidence the future looks bright. Bournemouth’s finest exponents of all things Grunge? You betcha!

Deltorers 1234

Love is
Third Eye
Dirty Love
Snake Charmer
Chilled One
Keeps Me on My Toes
Easily Wet
Patient Testre
She Looks Nice
I Guess We’ll Wait and See
Meditate in the Jive

The Gulps
Lola Cola
Stuck in the City
I Know That She Knows
My Girl from Liverpool
My World
Let me say I’m the One
Out of Tune
Here Comes the Sun
No Advice


Words By Ross A. Ferone.
Pictures & Video by David Chinery.

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