Spiral Tomb

From the inky darkness of a far-flung nebula, a solitary Asteroid hurtled across the void slowly rotating against the backdrop of a starry cosmos. Unerringly its trajectory took it on a direct course for the third planet in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. Hidden in a pocket of this giant, was a form of life so utterly foreign that for a human being cast eyes upon the creature, it would be enough to drive them insane. Suffice to say the huge tentacle-like appendages coiled themselves around a constantly shifting, moving membrane that had, what could be described as eyes, seemingly trying to push through the placenta at random intervals before retreating. Every now and then the monstrosity’s maw would open revealing sharp needle-like teeth that swished around, twisting and revolving although not attached to any visible jaw. This was what was protected in the asteroid as it hit the blue planets atmosphere 65 million years ago… as it smashed deep into the crust and was buried by rubble and time…this is what is to awaken when man’s desperation for fossil fuels leads him to dig in places he should not…this will be the world’s undoing…

London based Spiral Tomb have released a banger of an EP, which celebrates their obvious literary appreciation of Lovecraft and aurally of Sabbath and Candlemass. Having reviewed the band’s former incarnation Hagstone (here) of which vocalist Daniel Leons-Marder, guitarist Robert Sztrikinacz and drummer Istvan Margitai were members of, I was looking forward to hearing the updated formation, Spiral Tomb with new bass player Lee Steele. I am not disappointed, Lee’s bass work is very predominant throughout the EP and adds an extra dynamic to their Melodic Doom Metal.

Spiral Tomb

But there are other forces at work here. There are some huge riffs on all the tracks but it’s the little surprises such as the eerie organ and Dan’s warbling style that makes this an interesting listen. I can’t help but hear a lot of eighties band Witchfinder General here and that is by no means a bad thing as they are one of my favourite bands, even though they only released two albums they made an impact and it’s my wish that Spiral Tomb can pick up that torch and set everything ablaze again.

Track Listing
Gravity Drive
Dusk in Carcosa
Tyrant of the Octopi


Words Dan O’Gara.

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