The Vixens

Bournemouth four-piece band The Vixens have been hard at work in the depths of Hampshire, at Blackhill Studios in Southampton recording their debut single Secret Lover. The song has been a staple part of the band’s live set for some time and is all about falling in love with someone you shouldn’t have. The song was written by frontman Craig who composed the lyrics during a sleepless night on the other side of the world. The tune was played to a night porter as well as a few fellow insomniacs who thought that Craig might well be on to something with this track. The tune was first strummed on a gritty but serene £50 Classical Guitar and four and a half years later it was taken to the band, where they added some rhythmical input to bring the song further to life.

The story of a tune and how it came to fruition is a huge part of the musical process for me, to think this song took four and a half years before it even got heard by the general public. The fact it got written is even more amazing as I’m sure we all have thoughts and fantasies about secret crushes, but to openly admit it and write a song about them is positively brave. For a debut, the band give a really good account of themselves with their first studio adventure. It features some notable twin guitar work with some infectious rhythms, coupled with some finely delivered vocals. I think the only thing it lacks is a little vocal harmonisation which would give the tune a little more depth. The fulfilment of releasing your first single gives a band much satisfaction with a tune as good as this, which shows lots of potential.

The Vixens

Line Up
Craig Barker (Vocals/Guitar)
Max Seeley (Lead Guitar)
Liam Kenchington (Bass)
Johnny Real (Drums)


Words By David Chinery(Chinners).

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