Continuing my new found love of all things Post/Punk, this week sees me listening to local act Skaema. And one could be forgiven for thinking the lines have been blurred somewhat on opener “Happy Daze”; which to me is far from being Post/Punk, dirtier RnR! The throaty, yet clear and audible vocal sits well with a catchy beat which evokes memories (to me) of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Both bass and guitars are chunky throughout while the crunchy bridge with its throbbing bass makes it heavier while holding onto that dirty RnR sound right through to the finish.

“Grit” has a more downtempo vocal that is hard to pigeonhole. Musically and vocally I’m getting hints of (early) Stranglers. The bridge, however, is pure early Joy Division while the scratchy guitars are the main feature. The chorus I feel has strangely no connection with the song title, however it’s a catchy tune that just makes you wanna delve deeper.


“Pane” has a slow brooding intro with a Howard Devoto-esque vocal style. Crunching guitars compliment a chunky bass on this multi-layered track with its slow/fast formula. It’s difficult to know where the song will take you. The chords in the bridge are strained amid more echoes of Joy Division, overlong and experimental but never dull. The lyrics may come across as tongue in cheek but the ending is great.

“Sidewinder” is the most interesting track on this collection and the shortest. Bass excellence allied to a bellowing chorus, and again multi-layered with a noodly bridge. The scratchiness in the guitars is a prominent feature but the bass is the star turn here. One can imagine this being a live fave with band and crowd in choral union.

“Take The Exit” again has a clear audible vocal. The simple drumming in the background compliments the twisted bass. The bridge is clever while the dual vocals in the latter part of the song (in the chorus) are interesting. Experimental again it’s a great song to close this EP and makes me wish for more of the same in the future. If this is just for starters then Post/Punk is alive and well down South and not just the domain of the North. I look forward to their next musical output.


Track Listing
Happy Daze
Take the Last Exit

Neil Phillips (lead vocal, guitar, synth)
Duncan Gooch (bass, backing vocal)
Andrew Gartell (drums).



Words By Ross A. Ferrone.

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