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Self Abuse

Despite going to in excess of 1000+ gigs in my lifetime, I had yet to attend an “instore” gig. Well, last weekend that all changed. OK, so I thought the premise was simply that the band in question would plug their new release, play a couple of originals/covers and we all then head down the pub? But no, Self Abuse has come armed with a full setlist, and the numbers who made up this audience didn’t leave disappointed. With a planned 6pm start we are made to wait until 7pm for the actual start. Wimborne’s Square Records is packed and half the attendees are watching from the road. Inquisitive onlookers pass by with some interest as to what is going on, mingled with locals walking by and heading for the town centre. Meanwhile, Bournemouth’s most well-known Punk quartet begin their set – and what a set.

They open with three of the four EP tracks, starting with ‘Blowing A Fuse’ and I have to say; in such a confined space, the volume is high. “Lies Lies Lies” continues the mayhem as the band jockey for minimal floor space, swapping standing positions at irregular intervals. “Under Attack” is delivered with gusto while “Screenage” takes us older members of this audience right back. “Pills” is another from that era and the guys do their best to entertain us with between-song banter, Andy (vox/bass) is in fine voice; effortlessly smiling and gurning in equal measure. Dave (guitar/vox) doesn’t keep still, moving about in the meagre space he is afforded. Jarvis (guitar) is obscured from my view but Dom (drums) exudes the power we all know him for. “No Change” is somewhat apt – with the history of this band and three-quarters of the original line-up still around we always know what we’re going to get. “Let Me Outta Hell” is new to me while “Circus” is an early highlight.

Self Abuse
Self Abuse 12345

Such is my ignorance their set highlight is actually a cover! “World In Action” is an old song by fellow Bournemouth 3rd-wavers The Mad are Sane. In fact, they dedicate the song to former TMAS band member Jo Lavelle, who sadly passed away recently. It’s harsh and of its time and sets the mood for the remainder of the set. “That’s Progress” again is new to me but I suppose that’s the beauty of having not seen the band for a couple of years, I’m hearing newer material. “Derelict” and “Teenage” take us right back in time before the brilliant “Celebrity Death Squad” is belted out with gusto. They end their set naturally with their crowning glory, the Indie chart hit “Soldier”. Each time I hear the band perform this song they add, subtract, ad-lib or just mess around with it. Tonight it’s in its purest form – direct and in-yer-face, as it was way back when. And that was my first experience of an “instore”!

This crowd were never going to let them leave without an encore so they again play the four songs from the EP, this time including “Dark”. My only gripe tonight is not hearing my favourite track (and arguably their finest), “State Of Mind”. That said I don’t think anyone will leave unhappy. A special mention for Rob (Square Records) for his hospitality – small room, big crowd. I’m sure this wonít be the last instore show here, but on sheer numbers may have been the best attended.

Set List
Blowing a Fuse
Lies Lies Lies
Under Attack
No Change
Let Me Outta Hell
World in Action
Another Nightmare
That’s Progress
Celebrity Death Squad
(I Didn’t Wanna Be a) Solider
Blowing a Fuse
Under Attack



Self Abuse are
Andy Nazer – Vocals / Bass
Dave Brown – Guitar / Vocals
Jarvis Smale – Guitar
Dom Upchuck – Drums


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Words by Ross A Ferrone
Pictures & Video by David Chinery(Chinners).