Restive Native

Irish progressive experimentalists Restive Nation return this month with new single “I’m Sorry”, which is a follow up to their much rated Lucidum EP. The band have shown themselves to be continuously pushing boundaries and cross-pollination genres with their own unique electronic/progressive interpretations. “I’m Sorry” sees the band take a dark and melancholic journey into a hybrid of Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails with a side of Crosses /Tool floating in and out of a dream-like, post-punk daydream. As an isolated new track not featured on the EP, “I’m Sorry” shows the band venturing into darker landscapes, exploring the inner-working of the human psyche, thanks to the chilling vocals of Dave Lee of Irish Heavy Progressive crew, Raum Kingdom.

“I’m Sorry” is a track that was written by Dave Lee’s solo project Sombre Motion in 2012. Dave would go on to form the heavy band Raum Kingdom in 2013. Restive Nation have collaborated with Dave before on their 2017 single “Murmur” and while we were working together we came across his hauntingly beautiful track “I’m Sorry”. Upon hearing it they just had to have it as part of the Restive Nation repertoire. Dave explains it’s about doing wrong so much that even when you’ve done right, you still have to eat the blame. This song marks the end of an era for Restive Nation as it is their last musical collaboration with an outside artist for the foreseeable future.

Restive Native

The band explained about the video to go with the single: “We thought it would be cool to give the track to Dublin-based independent filmmaker Tom Maher for his own artistic interpretation. Usually, we’d be very explicit about what we want when it comes to themes, but we were keen to see how Tom would exhibit the track visually and we absolutely love this slow-burn tension piece; it’s completely different to anything we would have dreamt up and it’s a great representation of how well things can go once you let go and relinquish control.”

“I’m Sorry” is set for release on Friday October 16th and will be the final single/video from the band before a series of new material which is scheduled to be released in January 2021.


Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

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