Andy B

Former Fandangle bassist Andy B unites the Ska/Punk/Folk elite for a charity album. This release is a completely-DIY record, comprising of 172-Musicians including members of RX Bandits, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, [Spunge], Zebrahead, Hayseed Dixie, MC Lars, Suburban Legends, Death By Stereo and Call Me Malcolm. The album is a commentary on life today vocalised by combined voices from across the globe, raising money for charities that help the homeless and the disadvantaged get into music, whilst promoting ambition and unity.

Andy B

Andy has always had a vested interest in charity and helping the homeless, he was involved in a charity which provides hot meals to rough sleepers, but when he happened across a homeless community whilst travelling in Australia during 2016 it was their stories that gave birth to this idea. Combining his love for travel, making music and raising money for those in need, he decided to create a record not only including established musicians but also giving a platform for those musicians at busker and bedroom level. Andy travelled the USA coast to coast collecting submissions one by one, revisiting old friendships as well as making new ones.

Fast forward to the end of 2019 and despite a global pandemic that is still shaping our lives, the project has grown from around 50 musicians right up to 172, making it the massive collaboration it is today.

Listen to “Black & Blue” here.

Track Listing
Black & Blue
Somethings Out
Won’t Back Down
Got Your Back

Not Gonna Settle
Follow The Streetlights
No Righteous Cause
Advertise This
Change The World
Things Change
Eleventh Hour


Andy B

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