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Under The Influence

Australian 4-piece punk act Under The Influence released new single “Moon Flavoured Magnets”, 8th February, via Riot Records. Moon Flavoured Magnets is the follow up to recent singles Body Parts and the acoustic version of fan favourite Propaganda Leaks.

Whilst the title comes across as being psychedelic, this track is far from it. It is another storming hardcore flavoured punk track. Under The Influence continue to deliver a vicious and intense punk arsenal that is gaining them a global fanbase.

Under The Influence

“Welcome to Kins brain. It’s infused with mushrooms, madness and wisdom but we’ll let you decide… This is a mystical magical poem I wrote to Mother Nature. Touching on human greed, space, time, pollution and disrespect. Sadly, most humans are on a self-driven vendetta. Without a care for what really matters or anything that’s connected to the natural world. The only hope I see for mankind is to reconnect to the moon and oceanic currents by the only way I know, magic of course. That’s what this song is about…. Magic.’’ – UTI on Moon Flavoured Magnets

Nineteen years ago in a garage in Dapto (South of Sydney, Australia) three high school friends with a passion for punk music and surfing, formed the band Under the Influence. UTI played as a 3 piece around the local music scene with original member Shane Kinerson (Kino) doing main vocals and drumming. On bass was Luke Malone (Moey) and on lead guitar was former member Glen Robinson. In 2009 after several line-up changes, Chris Curci joined on bass and Moey jumped on lead guitar.

Under The Influence

UTI continued playing this line up for the next few years and recorded the album Wasted Youth.With solid feedback from Wasted Youth, Kino decided to step up his singing game and handed over the drum roll (pun intended) to Daniel Southern (Chicken Wing). Going through UTI’s discography you can hear the focus on improving the music and their growth as a band, starting from street punk influences, to heavy punk hardcore. If you have seen or heard under the influence with this high energy combination you will know they are dedicated to the music, nothing is held back and it is raw and intense. UTI released their killer debut album in June 2019 on Riot Records Exchange My Brain with their first single Propaganda Leaks gaining critical acclaim across Australia and Europe.

Find The Single here.


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