Farnborough Groove

Hampshire/Surrey music entrepreneur Pete Cole has been helping and supporting the Surrey/Hampshire music scene for nearly 35  years. He has been the man behind the popular music compilation The Farnborough Groove since the first cassette for Volume One was released back in 1991. On April the first the much-celebrated compilation see its digital upgrade with a 30 track beast full of a wide range of artists from across a wide spectrum of genres’

Vol 12. Includes the following artists
Atlantic Fire – Carry Your Own Weight
Barerra – The Last Night Of Our Lives
Billy Liberator – Due South
China Bears – Meet Me In London
Curbwire – Non Binary
David Norgrove – Mind Healer
Flowers Of Sacrifice – Midnight Red
Fuzzwalker – Door To Hell
Graham Judd – I Just Don’t Know
Harsh Language – What Success Looks Like
I Plead Irony – What’s Best For You
I-Jay – Lockdown
John Forrester – To Live Without Fear of Falling
Kevin Burgess – Shell
Kodiak Island – Lone Highway
Magic Bullet – We Love The Farnborough Groove
Mandown – We Want Blood
Marisa & The Moths – Tied Up
Neon Islands – Moon
Seasonal – Damage
Slow Time Mondays – She Likes Dancing
Smileys Friends – Women Are From Venus
Sour Kix – Gone
The Beelines – Do I Look Ill?
The Deadlights – The Day Held Its Breath
The Landings – Neutralise
Tim Shez – Little By Little
Twister – Teenage Hero
Wob – Happy
Your Idiot Sidekick – Powder

Pre-order now at only £5.99 from iTunes.

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Farnborough Groove was compiled by Pete Cole.
Mastered by Julian Johnson, photos by Shaun Jackson with artwork by Paul Eaton


Farnborough Groove

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