Former Bournemouth resident Ted Riley’s musical outlet “Planespotting” is primed and ready to deliver more of his original musical content. The Producer and Songwriter has recently relocated to a warehouse community in Tottenham London, but often returns home for time to write. The new track “Your Cards” is described by Ted as an “indie hop” journey through rhymes and self-doubt, that never takes itself too seriously; but I think in that vein it’s open to all passers-by, who might just glance over and say yeah, that’s me”. My main cultural inspiration for the lyrics of the track comes from English acts The Streets, Arctic Monkeys, and The Smiths, impassioned in old school Indie. The music however is more inspired by the rest of the world, taking elements of funk, bossa nova, soul, samba, and hip hop with a love of Kanye West and Tyler the Creator. Your Cards is a lyrical journey from denial to embarrassment-laden admittance, spurred by an uncertain and unequal relationship.


Ted’s not one for standing still and is always looking to push the boundaries of his music; with each track being like an experimental adventure in creating new sounds and textures. As well as the musical inspirations there are also literary inspirations too, taken from lazy afternoons spent reading books by the likes of Tim Hawes, Mel Bush and Kurt Vonnegut; whose novel “Timequake” provided a particularly inspiring quote “a plausible mission of artists is to make people appreciate being alive at least a little bit.” The track itself started its life as a demo in 2016; features include vocal, accordion, and drum parts. The track’s initial opening gives a little taste of the South African sounds made famous by Paul Simon’s “Graceland” before Ted’s fast-paced urban vocal delivery kicks in, above the genre-mixing infectious melodies and rhythmns. “Your Cards” is out on the 13th May……


Words by David Chinery (Chinners).


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