Self-taught Bournemouth singer-songwriter James Hayes releases a new single this month titled “IWIWMS (I Wish it Were More Simple)”. The track follows the release of his debut album “Brand New Heights” and a string of singles in 2020. The new track sees James moving in new musical territories, showing a more mature side to his musical creations. The track was recorded with the help of the multi-talented Matt Black at Hangover Hill studios in Blandford, who used his experience and knowledge to help James in the new direction where he wanted this track to go.

The last couple of years have been particularly challenging for James and the song reflects this and the positivity of putting everything behind him. James explains “it’s about reflecting on and facing the past, as well as how past experiences can affect us in the present. I am now stepping into a new chapter of my life, having written this song as a sign-off to the dark places I have found myself in”

James Haynes

The track is a slow-burning gem that builds from its initial electric guitar strumming and gentle rhythms; with James’s heartfelt lyrics “the Past can’t hold me prisoner, we’ll know if I don’t try, to break free from the punishment, that doesn’t fit the crime” showing the pain that he has been suffering in his vocal before the upping its pace. The song’s momentum increases to show James venting his anger with powerful bursts of impressive vocals, and some great six-string work going into a much heavier direction that I’m sure he has always wanted to explore but never had the confidence to try. The song sounds a little reminiscent of InMe’s Dave McPherson, whose songs also have the ability to make you understand the pain and suffering. James’s past exploits with an acoustic guitar seem almost obscured by this track, which stands head and shoulders over anything he has done before. This track alone shows a heavier darker direction that perhaps is a place that he has been destined to follow.

Another future release “All of Me” is due out in the coming months, with a new album also planned for later in the year….


Words by David Chinery.

James Haynes