Six long months have passed since Aussie Punx 2 Mum’s graced us with new material, and boys have they come back stronger. “Side A” of a forthcoming EP has spawned three new cuts and the inclusion of brilliant former single “Policeman”. Opener “Bushmaster/Crazy Horse” is an appreciation of the atrocity of an Iraqy helicopter gunship and the devastation caused. The song opens with an edit from a WikiLeaks released video and subsequent commentary, before the drums and slashing guitars build the tempo with real menace – then the ferocity emerges. Dark, brooding basslines and a shouty chorus echo First Wave USA Punk/HCX as it builds layer upon layer, with its slow/fast formula. The bridge shares another edit from the aforementioned video before that wall of sound kicks back in. The guitar chords are aggressive while the scratchy basslines jockey for attention – not a song for the faint-hearted!

“8 Seconds of Summer” is a short ode to a band 2 Mums love (5 Seconds of Summer). It’s loud and aggressive, as it (albeit) briefly follows the opener. Songs of less than a minute are what I would describe as “live breather songs” – this is anything but!!

“Blinky Palermo” is another ode of appreciation, this time to New York painter Blinky Palermo. Harsh and shambolic, not unlike everything else on here but I guess that’s the point. The scratchy chords are just a precursor to the grating bass. It’s edgy, brooding, and slightly eerie with an accompanying indecipherable vocal onslaught. The lyrics are literally barked like a dog straining at the leash, as the harsh delivery takes the song to its conclusion.


“Policeman” closes this collection with its hard ‘n fast UK82-inspired delivery. A song about a retiring police officer facing the daunting loss of authority and the newfound boredom and frustration that follows. For fans of 80’s Punx “Anti Pasti” this is the standout cut of the four, by virtue of it being the most decipherable track! A great ending.

Ok, so 2 Mums haven’t sat still as this Ep would attest to. Taking a shift into more Hardcore influences they continue to push the boundaries both musically and sonically. I look forward to Side B!

Bushmaster/Crazy Horse
8 Seconds of Summer
Blinky Palermo


Review by Ross A. Ferrone