Attica's Ashes

Somewhere between good ole rock, punk, goth horror, and sprinkle of metal you will find Attica’s Ashes. This EP is great rollercoaster of fun with it’s catchy rhythms pulling you in, almost anthemic chorus’s, some great bass riffs. All with a slightly dark feel, a theatrical feel pervades proceedings.

The 6 track EP opens with “Attica’s Ashes” a punchy track that is addictive from the start, reminiscent of some of the bands coming out of the States at the moment, but with a decidedly British feel provided by the vocals, and the guitar noodling towards the end really sets it off, as the track then drops to a piano and softly delivered vocals, before closing with bang.

“This Is The End” opens with a great driving guitar riff, set off with vocals that grab you without wanting to let go with it’s overly catchy chorus. This is followed by “One Last Kiss” which I felt was possibly the weakest track of the EP, but it is in keeping with the other tracks. I can’t put my finger on why this track did not work for me – perhaps things just didn’t gel in the studio that day?

“Silent Scream” kicks it backup a notch as the tempo increases, and shows possible influences from the other side of the pond, and shows the more alt/pop-punk side of the band as the vocals have a raw delivery in places that are just brilliant.

“We Strike Today” reminds me of the late eighties early nineties with it’s vocal harmonies, but these brought together tightly with yet more catchy guitar work, and solid rhythm holding it all together. Now this track is ringing bells in my head – it strongly reminds me of a another track, and I cannot place it. It is bugging me (answers on a postcard!). Closing with “Divine”, possibly the rawest, perhaps even aggressive, sounding track of the EP, yet how I would expect to hear them at a gig, and it would no doubt be a rocking gig. A fine way to close the EP.

Attica's Ashes

I can see people arguing that there is no surprises to their sound or music, but this is a great EP that I keep going back to, and has a sound I am happy to have blasting out of the speakers. There is a lot going on, and perhaps at times they need to reel it in a bit, and stay focused. But then I have the EP on repeat, and keep it playing, so perhaps they have the “mix” right?

The EP was released on April 5th.

Line Up
Esteban Benedicto – Drums
Jonny Nonsense – Guitar
Brett Zero – vocals
Joao Curro – Bass

Attica’s Ashes
This Is The End
One Last Kiss
Silent Scream
We Strike Today


Words by Jon.

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