The Allendale Centre, Wimborne

And so once again it’s that time of year when the areas Punks descend on Wimborne’s Allendale Centre for a night of Punk Rock. Originally billed as an Easter Punk Weekender also featuring Anti Nowhere League it is trimmed down to a single evening event with both supports honoured. A couple of years and the small matter of a Global Pandemic put paid to any UK Subs return to this venue, but tonight for one night we get three bands for our pleasure.

No strangers to the local scene come “Sturminster Punk Covers” act, the affectionately monikered Toxic Fruitcake. A pre-drink in the Coach and Horses means we miss the first couple of numbers, but we arrive to the sound of the Peter & The Test Tube Babies “Peace and Quiet”. Neal’s (vox) throaty delivery packs a punch early doors as they give us a decent version of The Clash’s “English Civil War”. A slight diversion into Crust/Punk sees a more than adequate attempt at The Levellers “15 Years” but the set highlight would have to be the Rejects “Bad Man”. Dave (guitar) largely shoegazes through most of the set, moving only briefly during more intricate moments and the odd bridge. Jon (drums) nestled at the back keeps good time in the engine room while the bassist remains statuesque the entire set! “Paranoid” steers us away from the obvious Punk songs while “Concrete Jungle” gets the Toxic overhaul! The League’s “So What” is played in their absence, replete with added spite & bile before they depart us on a ferocious “Stand By Me”. Toxic Fruitcake is more than just a covers by numbers Punk band, as they show us this evening.

Toxic Fruitcake
Toxic Fruitcake 12345

A quick turnaround means Poole’s finest aren’t waiting long to appear. The Mistakes need no introduction and come on with little fuss and fanfare. A set of largely older material, with one or two newbies is the order of the day. Ross (vox) is also in fine (but throaty) voice, and still hasn’t shaken that arm plaster! They open in familiar fashion with “Form Square” and follow with the excellent Therapy. These guys know their way around a large stage and Shane (guitar) is keen to move around. “Brainstorm” is delivered with power while “Together” is that now popular crowd-pleaser to get us moving on the floor. Richie Blandford’s bass replacement is becoming more at home with every show, as he appears comfortable at the front of the stage. He only looks up occasionally, deep in concentration as he is. “Black Widow” precedes early highlight “Dead” which is delivered at breakneck speed while “Sin City” pulls us back on an even keel. “Deals With Devils” is newer but no less urgent while “Never Be Quiet” continues to be the main crowd-pleaser. Latterly in the set Ross appears to have found his range while sounding quite harsh on earlier songs. “One Way Ticket” is simply a prelude to the always honest “Quitters Get Nothing” and they depart us on two bangers. “Let’s ‘ave It” leans heavily on their occasional Ska leanings(sic) while “Walk Tall” is the perfect set closer. Ok, so there were no surprises tonight but The Mistakes simply continue to deliver.

The Mistakes
The Mistakes 123456789

And so to our headliners. Recently the Subs have been playing songs from albums “Diminished Responsibility” and “Endangered Species” so tonight we get a kind of “best of” from both albums (rather than albums in their entirety). “You Don’t Belong” is a popular opener before the rare “Confrontation” is played next. It’s great to hear a rare outing for “Fatal” before the first-floor filler “Party In Paris”. Charlie (lead vocals) admits to maybe having one too many pre-gig, but it doesn’t show – the man is far too modest! “Endangered Species” sees the throng at the front grow ever larger as this middle-aged crowd begin to find their feet. “The Living Dead” keeps our focus while “Ice Age” brings the tempo down. Early shout out to “Magic Dave” who warms the drum stool vacated by Jamie (Oliver), he effortlessly fits in with a less chaotic and more precise drumming style, while adding one or two backing vocals. “Time and Matter” brings the power back henceforth while Charlie appears to enjoy some respite with “Down On The Farm”.

UK Subs
UK Subs 123456

At this point the band really open up as the power grows on familiar numbers like “Fear of Girls” and “Barbie’s Dead”. ‘Limo Life’ briefly drops the tempo before the racey “Bitter and Twisted” returns to form. The obligatory “Warhead” singalong doesn’t disappoint with the whole room joining in while “Riot” is just the perfect prelude to the two big hitters they depart us on. A Subs gig wouldn’t be right without a night ending on “Stranglehold” & “Disease”, and this Wimborne crowd don’t let them down with their voices and their moves. The band take a well-earned five-minute break, before returning for a three-song encore. The wonderful and all too familiar intro to ‘Emotional Blackmail’ gets the punters moving once more before the set highlight “Tomorrow’s Girls”. They depart us on “Kicks” with C.I.D. tagged on for good measure, and that folks is that.

Once again UK Subs triumph in familiar surroundings with a somewhat different, yet no less urgent set. And again the good folk of Wimborne and the surrounding areas came out in good numbers.

UK Subs
You Don’t Belong
Party in Paris
Endangered Species
The Living Dead
Ice Age
Time and Matter
Down on the Farm
Fear of Girls
Barbie’s Dead
Limo Life
Bitter and Twisted

Emotional Blackmail
Tomorrow’s Girls


The Mistakes
Form Square
That’s What You Get
Black Widow
Sin City
Deals With Devils
Never Be Quiet
One Way Ticket
Quitters Get Nothing
Let’s Have It
Walk Tall

Toxic Fruitcake
Never Needed You
Silly Thing
Peace and Quiet
English Civil War
15 Years
Bad Man
Concrete Jungle
So What
Pack Your Bags
Stand By Me


Review & Media by Ross A. Ferrone
Pictures by Matt Rayner.

UK Subs