The Anvil, Bournemouth

Tonight the Anvil in Bournemouth plays host to local four-piece alt/rock band “Regional One” who in December released a compilation EP entitled “Sold”. The EP brought together a string of tracks that have been put out gradually over the last few years. This is the first headline local show for the band in a long while and as a testament to their popularity; lots of friends, family and fans have turned out to show their support. As well as tonight’s headliners we have a couple of support acts to get the party started.

The first of these is fellow Bournemouth rockers Day Of The Red Sun who kick off with their recent single “Pull the Trigger” The four-piece show their form with pulsating heavy rhythms combined with melodic effect fed guitar coupled with a unique vocal style. The band’s vocalist Darren has a sort of half rap half sing style and as the set progresses the band shows their hand with a host of influential sounds that are derived from many different corners of the musical spectrum. Aaron on his six-string bass along with Taylor on drums are clearly the steady backbone of the outfit; while Josh on electric guitar provides plenty of creative strings work. The powerful “Ethanol” and their final number “Watch You Fall” are clear highlights giving the crowd an impressive start to their evening.

Day Of The Red Sun
Day Of The Red Sun 12

Next up is Weymouth trio Sadcult featuring Sam Newland on Guitar/Vocals, Oliver Freeman on Bass, and Chad White on Drums. They give away their musical influences quite readily by the way they dress and by the instruments they play. Cast your minds back (if you are old enough) to the 1990’s when there were groundbreaking bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement, The Pixies, Sonic Youth etc. Having been a gig going music fan in the 1990’s, I was fortunate enough to see that alternative/grunge scene develop (and see many of the above bands live) and it is great to still see those acts still reaching out and influencing bands today. “Sadcult” grab and keep mine and the audience’s attention throughout with a host of well-crafted songs that really entertain. “Night Terrors” is a powerful slice of musical construction, while “Rain” shows us a really different side of the band with some simple but thought-provoking lyrics. The band’s final song and perhaps their strongest track “Bleach The Freak” from their debut EP “Everything You Hate” shows the band firing on all cylinders. The track features some impressive-sounding guitar work coupled with an infectious chugging pattern of rhythms. The crowd give the band the enthusiastic approval that they deserve as they leave the stage.

Sadcult 12

At just after 10pm on the jubilant bank holiday Friday it’s time for our headliners “Regional One”, who are clearly relishing performing once again in front of their hometown crowd. Simon (Vocals), Stevie (Guitar), Callum (Bass) and Aaron (Drums) arrive to an incredibly warm welcome and light up this underground venue with their opening number “Control”. The band’s set features many tracks from the latest EP along with a couple of new tracks. The first of these is “Ministry” inspired by the governments secret party’s during lockdown, a powerful angry song full of creative highlights. The band also deliver a couple of covers which include “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down and a thoroughly re-worked version of Royal Blood’s “Ten Tonne Skeleton”. The crowd gain momentum from the band’s infectious enthusiasm and few moshers let off steam in the middle of the crowd.

Regional One
Regional One 1234

Since forming Regional One have come a long way, honing their skills and using the influences to forge their own sound. The pinnacle of the band so far appeared in the form of a brand new song “Hero”, which shows the band combined creative skills coming together to create an epic uplifting number that is sure to become a live favourite as it becomes more familiar. Simon’s voice soars along with some skilful strings work and pulsating rhythms. The biggest mosh pit of the night is saved for the band’s heaviest number “Addicted to Chaos” with the Anvil dance floor creating its own chaos. The band award the crowd one more song with EP title track ‘Sold’ before leaving the stage with huge smiles on their faces; content that they had done a fantastic job in front of their home crowd.

Set Lists
Regional One
Dead Silence
Smoke It Away
Kryptonite (Three Doors Down)
Ten Tonne Skeleton (Royal Blood)
Addicted to Chaos

Ain’t Right
Absolute Zero
In The Sun
Night Terrors
Love Dead
Walk Away
Burn It Up
Bleach The Freak

Day Of The Red Sun
Pull the Trigger
Running Away
Don’t Need You
Watch You Fall



Words & Media David Chinery (Chinners).

Regional One