Purveyors of style and substance These Wicked Rivers have announced details of their brand new single “Black Gold”, the first to be released from the upcoming Force Of Nature full length album. The single, released on September 15, displays the trademark Rivers touches that fans have come to expect, with an infectiously exuberant chorus underpinned by a punchy main riff. The track is accompanied by a brand new video and heralds the impending launch of the band’s second full length studio album, following on from 2020’s Eden.

these Wicked Rivers

With an incredible work ethic at the heart of what they do, These Wicked Rivers have toured the length and breadth of the UK with the likes of Hayseed Dixie, Those Damn Crows, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons and Kira Mac, building a devoted fanbase and gaining converts in every town and city they play. Now signed to the freshly minted Fat Earth Records label, the Derbyshire five-piece are planning to unleash their new record in March next year. Before that, a Planet Rock sponsored tour in December beckons.

Vocalist/guitarist John Hartwell says of the new single:
“I always love when you can dance to a song that’s also got something to say, and that’s what Black Gold brings to the table. It’s a song about corruption and greed, that you can sing along and move your feet to. I hope it brings some joy to everyone who hears it, especially during these times.”

Guitarist Arran Day is similarly excited about the forthcoming album:
“We’re incredibly proud of the album; it feels like this is us, as a band, sticking our hippie flag in the ground and saying this is who we are and it’s only going to get better from here. I think the album showcases both power and emotion with a good balance of everything we have to offer. My hope is that when people drop the needle and sit back in the chair they will be taken to a magical place and forget about any worries they may have. If it achieves that, then we’ll be happy.”

Collectively These Wicked Rivers are aiming for the top. Described by Classic Rock Magazine as “The sound of what might’ve happened if Clutch got a bit stoned with Audioslave and Zakk Wylde – and then jammed late into the night”, the band blend subtle blues touches with a hard rock edge, adding soulful vocals to create a sound that is as dramatic as it is exhilarating.

these Wicked Rivers

New studio album “Force Of Nature” out March 1st 2024

Band Members
Vocals/Guitar – John Hartwell
Guitar/Vocals – Arran Day
Bass – Sam Williams
Drums/Vocals – Dan Southall


these Wicked Rivers