Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

The last time Massive Wagons came to Bournemouth they performed at the O2 Academy supporting The Darkness and boy did they put on a great show that night. Tonight, they return to the town for a gig at the Old Fire Station for their own headline tour, part two of the Triggered tour in support of their 6th studio album. Before they take to the stage, we have the hand-picked tour support who are a German band called The New Roses. They were introduced to many of us at the last years local Loverocks Festival, where they headlined the main stage.

The venue is rammed as the band’s intro music of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman” echoes their arrival. The band include Timmy Rough (Lead Vocals), Norman Bites (Guitar), Hardy (Bass) , Dizzy Daniels (Guitar) and Urban Berz (Drums). Kicking off with “The Usual Suspects” from their 2022 album “Sweet Poison” they wear their influences clearly on their sleeves; with large amounts of Americana with Blues, Southern Rock, 80’s Hair Metal and Classic Rock pulsating through their veins.

Frontman Timmy is keen to whip up the crowd and does a fantastic job getting an immediate reaction. Their twin guitars are a force to be reckoned with and the rhythms create the energetic driving momentum. Timmy says the band are on a mission to bring back the Rock ballad and picks up an acoustic guitar. The band serenades us through “All I Ever Needed”, a Bon Jovi-style ballad with impressive vocal harmonies and guitar work.

The vibe then shifts up a gear with a host of high energy tracks that show the band to be in fine form, clearly impressing the audience. The euphoric “Down By The River” and final number “Thirsty” show the band hitting their stride and you can feel that their 45 minutes is just too short as they have so much more to give.

The New Roses

The New Roses 12345678

Massive Wagons are never a band to stand still and are always challenging themselves, part two of this tour (for those who sneaked a look at Set-List FM) features a refreshing turn-a-round. The band open with an explosive Quo tribute “Back To The Stack”, absent from the 1st leg. The energy the band brings immediately gets a huge reaction from the audience and opening with this banger is a brave move, but with plenty of other huge tracks in the armoury they get away with it easily. Baz has become a fantastic lead singer: brave, unpredictable, passionate and someone who can belt out a tune with a fine vocal. His brothers in the band back him dutifully with plenty of musical prowess, the two guitarists Adam and Stevie have amassed some of the finest riffs in the business. The reliable rhythm section of Adam on bass and Alex on drums are ever present, providing some fine infectious backing.

Tonight’s audience are mostly already hardy Wagons fans, you can tell by the number of T-shirts and the sheer joyus reactions that they give to the band’s songs. Tonight there is a certain atmosphere in the air, and you can just feel the excitement as the band belt out their numbers; a brief journey back in time with “The Day We Fell” along with more recent treasures including anti bullying rally “Fuck The Haters”, the autobiographical “Big Time” and the brilliant “Generation Prime”. (Sadly, no Duet with Skindred’s Benji but fingers and toes crossed it will happen at a gig I am at one day!!). During “China Plates” Baz does an unpredictable crowd surf (See Video Below) and surfs to the back of the venue and does a turn right back to the stage, with the all the audience safely passing him excitedly over their heads.

Massive Wagons
Massive Wagons 123456789

It is time for the encores and the band do not want to leave the stage and just want to carry right on with their set. There does seem to be plenty of satisfaction amongst their ranks that they all seem to feel that this is one of those special nights, where everything just clicks. Stevie’s smile just says it all and the knowing looks that the band give each other for validation of a great night’s work. “The Curry Song” makes a welcome return, and it gives the whole crowd the chance for a mass sing-along, conducted by Baz.

They end appropriately with “In It Together” and take their bows, passing out set-lists, plectrums, and fist bumps to all who ask. Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” is blasted out over the PA and the crowd do not want to leave and start singing again. Surely this band will be gracing the stages of some major festivals next Summer as they just seem to be getting better and better, you can’t help love these five guys and what they have so lovingly created.

Set Lists
Massive Wagons:
Back To The Stack
Sad Sad Song
Freak City
The Day We Fell
Big Time
Hate Me
Fuck the Haters
Please Stay Calm
Generation Prime
China Plates
Bangin’ in Your Stereo

The Curry Song
In It Together

The New Roses
The Usual Suspects
The Lion in You
It’s a Long Way
All I Ever Needed
Nothing but Wild
Down by the River
Forever Never Comes


More Videos from this gigs can be found on our YouTube channel here.


Words & Media By David Chinery (Chinners)
Photography by Lynn Frances
Additional Media By Becky Crothall-Brown
Transport & Refreshments by Josh Chinery

Massive Wagons