“No Cure For Curiosity” is a 12 track blues/rock solo offering, from the lead singer of Gecko, Russ Diapper. It is a interesting mix of the hard edge of gecko, but with a more laid back blues sound. It might even go as far as saying that it almost has a sleazy feel to it, especially when you consider the dirty playing cards on the cover.

Opening with “Bachelors Blues” the album starts off with a rocky up beat sound, setting the scene for the rest of the tracks. This leads into the bass led opening for “Ego Star”, although the vocals seem a little lacking.

After the rocky “Keepin Me Alive”, “Red Cadillac” pulls in that bluesy element that is underpinning most of the tracks, and is one of the tracks that is not rock driven.

The softer rock element continues with “Cluckin Mad”, which is possible one of the best tracks on the album, showing off Russ’s vocal talents. But I am not too sure about the Cluckin’ part!

Russ’s vocals have that quality allowing him to take on a more bluesy rock persona than with Gecko.

Girl Is A Tease seems a little out of place, lacking that harder edged, and bluesy sound, seeming a little more Rock ‘n Roll.

Closing with “Ain’t No Rich man”, that bluesy guitar sounds reminds us of the albums direction, possibly the most blues sounding track on the album. Playing as the bar is swept clean just before closing time. Especially as the quote “I think I am finally getting the hang of this blues thing man” is said during the middle of the track. A fitting end to the album.

The album has more of a laid back rock sound, with blues overtones, than Gecko. It is a good album for those days that you don’t necessarily want hard pounding rock, but then again nothing too laid back. With the blues under current it provides a refreshing change.

Track Listing
Bachelor Blues
Ego Star
Keepin Me Alive
Red Cadillac
Cluckin Mad
Need My Lady
Redhead Topdown
Bad Boy
Girl Is A Tease
Bacchanal With Beelzebub
Ain’t No Rich Man

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Russ Diapper

Skullfire studios

Review by Jon.

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