Canada Water

Canada Water are back! The Bournemouth based pop punk favourites took a lengthy break from releasing their latest single “The Better Half of Me”, (which was most likely related to their lengthy break from gigging) but finally it has been released after being mastered at the iconic, Abbey Road Studios. The band only recently returned to gigging when they supported Not Advised at The Old Fire Station as a part of the local Musicosity Festival, so it was probably about time to dust off their laptops and upload their latest track to the public.

The band are known for being fairly unorganised as synth player Liam will admit himself, but when it comes to their recordings, they never fail to disappoint me.

Canada Water

After the release of their first EP “One Shot Farewell”, which received praise from top reviewing sites and magazines, the band returned to the studio in the Summer of 2010 to record a new single to follow their successful first efforts. How does it sound? It sounds bloody fantastic! From the moment you press play, Canada Waters unique pop punk sound is brought back to life. The familiar sounds of Liam’s synth and the distinguishable vocals of Tom and Edward bring a smile to my face as yet another feel good anthem has been produced by this band, through a surging rhythm section, beefy guitar riffs and perfect vocal harmonies

Canada Water

There’s still the raw edginess that most hard edged pop punk bands possess, but the glossy coating has been applied to make this track more than just a generic return to their genres over saturated reputation. The track is available for free download from the link below. Make sure you attend the event promoting their single on Facebook and let them know how you feel about the track, and if you like this, then why not buy their EP “One Shot Farewell”? It’s only £2 from their Bandcamp page and it’s a belter!

Edward Crawley – Vocals / Guitar
Tom MacLeod – Guitar / Vocals
Greg Hague – Bass
George Slater – Drums / Cymbals
Liam Toms – Keyboards!/event.php?eid=113956298714983

The Better Half of Me (FREE DOWNLOAD)…

One Shot Farewell EP…

Words by George Fullerton.

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