Luke Leighfield

Arriving at Rock Regeneration a week or so ago came “New Season”, with a little note hoping that we enjoy it. A nice start to the day. Mind you, it is always with a little fear I listen to unknown [to me] artists. What if I don’t like it? What if I think it misses the mark?

When I first played the opening track, “Slow Down”, I missed the point, and went off to listen to something else.

Then a day later I saw that little note again, poking out from a pile of CDs. Well, I do like music, and only listening to one track out of 10 is a little short sighted, so I played it. About 2 or 3 times a day for about the last week. In between other things – just to keep up a varied diet.

Luke appears to be leading the way with his indie-pop sound. He is a singer-songwriter with an acoustic sound. Except he has a piano, not an acoustic guitar. But that is only the start of his talent. His DIY ethics seems to permeate everything he does, he runs his own record label to produce and promote his and friends music, and with this being his fourth album, he already has a greatest hits release. His music has featured on TV shows – not to mention working with other artists, including Tellison who have been mentioned around here a few times. Plus around 650 gigs globally. Busy lad!

Luke Leighfield

This album cries out to be listened to. It opens with the very mellow, and aptly title “Slow Down”, but grows to a crescendo of instruments giving a feel of depth. Not to mention the string section on “The One Thing”. Throughout the album is a power and energy underlying the album that you feel could unleash itself. As the album progresses the music becomes more layered and powerful, pausing for reflection along the way with the likes of “Whispering”. Closing the album, “Garda Ta Foy” unleashes that energy, whilst finishing with “Do Not Settle”, which takes you on a lesson of self awareness and discovery.

Lyrically the album is very introspective, with hope and energy, yet it is considered and mellow. You can tell that there is a lot of passion, and a part of Luke has gone into making this album.

Having been listening to a lot of heavier (darker, and noiser) music lately this has come as a very welcome surprise.

…now to write a little yellow note that says “I do like it.”

A New Season is released on 5th March.

Track Listing
1. Slow Down
2. New Season
3. It’s You
4. Whispering
5. Patience
6. Time
7. The One Thing
8. Live For more
9. Garde Ta Foy
10 Do Not Settle

Tour Dates
3 The Joiners, Southampton
10 Buffalo, Cardiff
11 Mad Ferret, Preston
12 Sunrooms, Southend
14 Barfly, London

9 Frizon Festival, Sweden


Words by Jon.

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