When it comes to making releases independently, there are a few things which should be taken into account; your fan base, your commitment and your direction. Luckily, InMe seem to have all three of these factors locked down to a tee, as their latest album “The Pride” was funded to a level of three hundred percent of the required amount via the ever increasingly popular website, Pledge Music. After their last studio album “Herald Moth” was released back in 2009, it was inevitable that fans would be desperate to found out what InMe had to offer in 2012.

Opening with the destructively brilliant riffs of “Reverie Shores” this album doesn’t take long to make a strong statement; InMe are back to their best. The spacey instrumentals and wavering vocal work of Dave McPherson bond with the heavyweight guitar riffs and soaring chorus to create an opener worthy of arenas. The intricacy of their instrumental work seems even more evident in tracks such as “Moonlit Seabed” and “A Great Man” where the additional use of synths helps create a unique twist to the familiar InMe vibes achieved so far. Clearly the band has decided to ensure there are no moments of blatant similarity as every song seems on a different parallel to the next. This is notable through the dramatic elemental changes between the haunting harmonics of “Escape to Mysteriopa” and soaring chorus of current single “Pantheon”.


InMe have taken a bucket of polarized ideas and polished them into a beautiful mutant, in the form of this record. Hopefully, the success of this album throughout the national media will encourage them to embrace their ability to create undiscovered sounds; something this industry seems to lack nowadays. Long live InMe.

Track Listing
Reverie Shores
Moonlit Seabed
A Great Man
Silver Womb
Escape to Mysteriopa
Beautiful Sky Gardens
Halcyon Genesis


Words by George Fullerton.

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