Local female-fronted Pop-Punkers Veetacore have got a new 5 Track EP out called “The Settling” and its really rather good! On opener “Sliced Waters” there’s a simple beat throughout the song with a clever little synth section accompanying the “electro” drum sound. The highest compliment I can pay singer Becky is that her vocal reminds me of a pop version of “Die So Fluid’s” vocalist Grog. For a singer so young she has good range for this style of music. Lyrically the song isn’t pulling up any trees but is a decent opener.


On “Architects” we get a more Indie/Goth vocal and a clever chord sequence from guitarist Tom at the start. The keys-driven middle 8 is really good but I’m not too sure about the latter part of the song,which one feels could be shorter. “Clarus” comes across all “Evanescence” (if you substitute the Goth for Pop/Punk)! Once again Becky’s vocal is strong and clear, paired with some really clangy guitars and some great drumming from Dan that isn’t over-powering. The song-ending makes me feel it was written with the intention of being the last song of a live set, what with its clever fade-out finale. This is by far (to me), the standout tune of the four. On “Chances” we get to hear Veetacore in an acoustic environment,which like the other three tracks doesn’t disappoint. There’s definitely a nod towards ‘Julianne Regan’ from All About Eve in the vocal;while the lyrics come across heartfelt,almost personal. It would be easy just to pigeonhole Veetacore as Bournemouth’s answer to Paramore, but there’s just so much more to them if this EP is anything to go by. For a band with youth on their side the future looks bright.

1.14 & 3/8
2.Sliced Writers

Architects(Live at the DMA’s)

Clarus(Live at the DMA’s)

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