Race Car hearts

Race Car Hearts is the solo project of former Thirst member Chris Perrin, a local singer-songwriter from Portsmouth who has performed at festivals all over the country. Aches/Escapes is the follow up to his debut EP Tender/Violent, which was released in November last year.

Aches/Escapes is not a particularly long EP, consisting of four tracks, the longest of which is just over 4 minutes long. This is however, plenty of time for the EP to make a good impression, with Perrin’s driving, heartfelt melodies and distinctive voice proving to be an enjoyable combination.

Race Car hearts

The sound of the EP is a kind of sincere, melodic, guitar driven rock, very reminiscent of the Manic Street Preachers’ calmer moments. It’s very uplifting music, the sort of thing perfectly suited to driving around in your car on a sunny day. A highlight of the EP is the almost indecently catchy “Circles”, which begins with a simple acoustic guitar and develops into a Country Rock number complete with a short violin solo. It’s a simple but lovely song, and if you don’t at least feel the urge to tap your toe to it, then I hope you make a speedy recovery from the operation where your soul was removed. Opener “Lights” loses the Country influences in favour of a straight Rock approach, but it’s none the worse for that, with a soaring anthemic chorus that’s perfect for singing along to.

Overall, Aches/Escapes is an infectious delight, with songs that get lodged in your head and refuse to leave. While it can lack originality in places, this is a minor complaint in the face of such entertaining music. Aches/Escapes is a promising introduction to the sound of Perrin’s Race Car Hearts and builds plenty of anticipation for his forthcoming debut album Silent Momentum.

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Aches/Escapes was released on October 7th 2013 and can be downloaded here.

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Words By Elinor Day.