…and out of Cornwall, a passionate tour de force known only as Crowns. These four folk rockers, ready to impress with their eponymous “Crowns EP”, showcase their own brand of shanty-esque tunes, incorporating the mandolin and acoustic guitars together in a charming way.

The appeal of this foursome, I’ve figured out after only a few minutes of listening, is not from rip-roaring guitar solo’s, or massively technical drum fills. Far from it, the appeal is just how these four lads make you feel. The entire 6-track EP is guaranteed to put a smile
on anyones face.

The drunken cheers you hear in the background, the rough-edged vocals and the cheery mandolin lines all combine together, in an amalgamation of sounds that you just can’t keep still to. It feels like you’re in a bar, with some of your best mates, settling down for some well earned pints. Honestly? I can’t think of a better feeling. ‘Hell Or High Water’, was a particular track that stood out for me, the yells of ‘Wahey!’ in the background, over the gritty and powerful vocals of frontman Bill Jefferson, really impressed me, as a unit, these guys make some pretty decent music!


In conclusion, I’d say that for a debut EP, Crowns have really impressed me, their combination of punk roots with a sea shanty feel have infectious qualities. If only the songs were a little longer, the one thing that I didn’t like about the EP is that it was over far too quickly.

More of this, and this group of Cornish lads will be going serious places. Want to catch them live? Course you do, the next three shows are UK dates, starting with Brighton on the 12th, Newcastle on the 16th and Nottingham on the 17th, no matter studio or live, I’d guarantee that you’d
walk away with a big grin. I know I did.

Well done to Crowns, proper feel good music you’ve got going on there, and I’d love to hear more.

Track Listing
Full Swing
Kissing Gates
Who’s Pint’s Who’s?
Hell Or High Water
Bodmin Town
She Swears Like A Sailor



Words By Mike Masters.