Colt 45

COLT45, a three-piece rock/punk band from Cumbria have recently returned to the studio after recording 2011’s EP ‘Chasing Yesterday’ to record with Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, The Blackout, Kids In Glass Houses, ect), and are going to return with a bang with their pop-punk sound, laced with rebellion, edginess, big hooks and big riffs.

The band have already aimed big and achieved; they’ve had tour supports with bands such as Young Guns, Gallows, Francesqua, Futureheads, The Computers, and Tiger Please, and have played three UK tours- and their talent is obvious on this EP. With a sound similar to The Gaslight Anthem and Rise Against, their EP ‘Chasing Yesterday’ shows their achievement isn’t going to stop here.

Colt 45

The EP offers five tracks that are undoubtedly catchy, fresh and strong, and the band is successful of making an impact and attracting the attention with their ability to maintain their effort and innovatively throughout the tracks.

The first track which is titled the same as the EP, Chasing Yesterday, has the memorable, refreshing sound with powerful, catchy lyrics that are sung with fresh, edgy vocals, but COLT45 show they can also mix it up with another track, In These Dreams (I’ll Live and Die) which offers a softer, mature feel but with equally as strong powerful lyrics and effort.

With COLT45’s achievement so far, and this brilliant EP soon followed by another, COLT45 are a band to watch closely; you won’t be disappointed, and it won’t be long before COLT45 start to appear everywhere and start with headlining tours.

A Punktastic feature kick-started on the 5th April in conjunction with the launch of the new Punktastic site offers an exclusive free download of the EP here:

A live video filmed by the BBC at Radio 1’s Big Weekend can be viewed here;

Words By Bryanna.

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