So, onto Sansara then. Well for a start, who are they? My answer, a very recently formed (We’re talking October last year) hard rock band from around Bournemouth, who have just finished their EP, “Torn Between Lives”. This three track affair is claiming to be “A barrage of big hitting songs that resonate through the ears like a mini tornado”. Needless to say, I dived right in, I love me some sonic ear tornado.

The opening track, “How Do You Get By”, opens the EP with a fast paced harmony guitar motif, backed by aggressive drum lines and stabbing palm muted chords. Vocalist Tom Sawyer then comes in, cementing a name for himself as a rough edged, very talented singer. All of this combined really impressed me, as far as a good first impression goes, this is right up there, the chorus is catchy, the solo licks are tasty, tasty things and a syncopated drum and guitar hook that packs some serious punch.

Without leaving a moment for you to catch your breath, you’re whisked away into “More Than This”, Track 2 that keeps up the pace introduced at the start of this three track adventure. One thing that stuck out is the consistency and power of drummer, Mike Rigler, who incorporates some quick flicks on the double kick pedal to add a fresh little dynamic layer to this anthemic tune. So far so good, it seems that Sansara are living up to their self-generated hype!


Finally, the closing titular track – “Torn Between Lives”. Something a little different, it begins with a crash of the cymbals and a nice beefy open chord, before undergoing a transition to a soft, mellow verse. Least, until the chugging distortion comes in, which gives the song a wonderfully dangerous edge. This tune is a lot less frantic than the others, still defiant and gutsy, yet it pounds rather than thrashes. The lead guitar lines of Mr Sam Hughes shine through for me in this song, with a classy use of a wah pedal, it’s well phrased and fits nicely.


All in all, this EP is just a few more songs from being brilliant, I really liked “Torn Between Lives”, I just wish that it had gone on for much longer. Rest assured though, if these lads keep coming up with songs like these three, they’ll be onto a winner.

Sansara can be seen live at

Live Dates
The Anvil, Bournemouth 19th May
Mr Kyps, Poole 3rd June


Line Up
Tom Sawyer – Lead Vocals,
Sam Hughes – Lead Guitar,
Chris Holmes – Guitars / Backing Vocals,
Simon Holme – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals,
Mike Rigler – Drums / Backing Vocals.

Track Listing
1-How Do You Get By
2-More Than This
3-Torn Between Lives

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Words by Mike Masters.

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