Midday Committee

The first thing you need to know about Midday Committee is that they are “hard working”, as the four piece pop punk band from Portsmouth have gained a hearty following after a mere year and a half as a band. Their first EP “Nice Kids, Bad Judge of Character!” will definitely be named as a reason behind their quick success, as a collection of promising hard edged pop punk tunes beckoned this band to greater things. This time round, the band have gone all out to ensure their EP upholds the quality of their song writing.

Opening the EP is “This Job Has Its Ups and Downs” which echoes the hard edged instrumentals of Four Year Strong but leaks into the melodic chorus tones of You Me At Six. The distinct vocal qualities of Rich Sanders and comforting tones of Will Cahill allow this band to vary their presence, yet their combined vocals allow them to embrace soaring harmonies.

“Chivalry’s Dead, Sugar” exhibits uplifting chord patterns and an infectious chorus to make it arguably the best track of the EP. Their potency in the chorus continues to flourish in “We Have a Particular Set of Skills” but perhaps the tone of the main riff could have been more hard edged to coincide with their previous structures. After an impressive display so far, closing track “Starry Eyes” takes the texture of this EP to new heights as the strongest qualities of this band shine through. This track could have the most infectious chorus of the year (if you exclude “Call Me Maybe” by a certain infamous pop breakthrough act).

Midday Committee

If you compare both of this bands EP’s, the difference you’re left pondering is the staggering improvement over such a short amount of time. Midday Committee are probably the most promising band on the South Coast; give them some time and we could be seeing them light up the UK in the near future.

The EP is released this month on iTunes and on their online store.

Track listing
1. This Job Has Its Ups and Downs
2. Chivalry’s Dead, Sugar
3. We Have a Particular Set of Skills
4. Starry Eyes


Words by George Fullerton.