Fables And Ideals

It is always nice to get a change, keeps you on your toes. And Fables & Ideals provides a welcome change in a sea of Pop and Metal. Not that I have anything against either genre, it’s just nice to have variety.

Released next month is “Fables and Ideals”, a gentle journey into Americana. Opening with an immediately addictive guitar hook the slightly rough vocals capture you. The gentle nature of “Beaten Spirits & Paper Crowns” immediately draws you in.

Next up is “Passage Of Time”, and the gentle vocals of Enise guide you into the track. With carefully placed breaks, the vocals pull you in deeper and deeper. “Memoirs” comes across as a sad lament while Garry’s gruff vocals are perfectly accompanied with Enise’s softer vocals.

“Anthem” hits you with a more rocky punch; mixing in electric guitar to the acoustic mix, with the melody being led by harmonica. This is soon reeled back in for “Broken Lullaby”, blending guitar styles and softer vocals to carry you.

Closing this journey is “Footprint”, possibly the strongest track on the album for this listener and well worth the journey to get to it. The track is stripped right back to just acoustic guitar and percussion.

Fables And Ideals

The album, or rather “Fables & Ideals”; was born when inspiration hit Garry while out in the desert in Arizona, and from this point we now have the album “Fables & Ideals” to show for this journey. Blending folk, rock, and Americana into a package that captures the imagination as well as tugs at the soul; from the gentle vocals through to the biting guitar passages, one cannot help but feel this is deeply personal journey and one with many layers. This is an album that grows on you, and while only 8 tracks I hope there is more material in the pipeline!

Track Listing
Beaten Spirits And Paper Crowns
Passage Of Time
Broken Lullaby
Wayward Promises
Between Light And Decay


Words by Jon.

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