The eponymously titled mini-album by the Mersyside quartet is due to hit the stores on the 7th January, and is well worth looking out for. They have a full bodied (is this a wine review???) rock sound that easily hits the pop/punk spot. This is a tremedous debut mini-album which is hard to put down.

After the “Intro” you are thrown into “An Enemy Of My Enemy” with Brads clear vocals through you straight into melody, and gets your foot tapping, and you singing along to the chorus. Too damn catchy! Straight into the next track, with a drum intro taking you into the catchy “New World Order”, and you can hear their influences. This is a harder hitting track, with almost a hint of 30 Seconds From Mars, with a more prominent bass and guitar riffs, and again a catchy melody. All over laid with great vocals.


The proceedings slow up fir “Follow Your Heart”, a more reserved track that continues to show the dynamics of the band, and left me thinking of Angels and Airwaves, as it possessed more of an expansive soundscape feel. Although not as catchy of as the other tracks it possibly is my favourite track

“Make It Out Alive” returns the listener back to a the rockier sound of the opening tracks.

Not exactly in the middle of the album is “Interlude” which opens to the gentle sound of a piano, before evolving into something that could easily have been lifted from a blockbuster movie. You started to wonder if these guys could turn their instruments to any genre!


Closing with “Red Eyes”, this evolves into an almost epic sounding track, opening with hard hitting guitar and a scream. Closing with that cinematic sound, it leaves the listener satisfied, but wanting more.

These guys make it all sound so easy, and could be set to make it big if they keep putting out material of this quality. This is billed as a mini-album, I would like to see a full album showing them really stretch their skills.


These guys have a great sound that is not lacking in any area, and have been described as “a fiery brand of alternative, high voltage rock” (Classic Rock). They have no problems demonstrating their ability, which has been proven, having shared stages with The Blackout, Status Quo to name a few. With comparisons to the Foo’s, Lost Prophets, and 30 Seconds To Mars, it might be easy to think that we have here is derivative, but although the sound might be familiar, this album would not be out of place with any other in your collection.

Line Up
Brad Done – vocals/lead guitar
Craig Henderson – rhythm guitar/vocals
Sean McMinn-Davies – bass/vocals
Mike Priest – drums/vocals

Track Listing
An Enemy Of My Enemy
New World Order
Follow Your Heart
Make It Out Alive
Red Eyes


Words by Jon.

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