The Neon Tigers

NOW. To grab peoples attention, most companies or businesses have a catchy slogan, to draw in people and keep them interested. With bands, it’s not so easy, they need to have a good name, one that doesn’t seem cliche and that also sounds provocative. Something that gets the people going.

But now, it is a sad day. Everyone, sit down. Just pull up a chair and give in. The Best Name Ever has been found. I speak of the subject of todays review, Wimborne band – The Neon Tigers.

I shall repeat…

The Neon Tigers

I mean, come on! If that’s not one of the best names I’ve heard, then I don’t know what is.

The Neon Tigers

Excitement aside, let’s get down to facts. They’ve released a new EP in November entitled “Benedict”. Four tracks, with very unassuming names; “Benedict”, “Null & Void”, “Made” and “Capital”.

So let us see what you’re made of, lads.

First impressions are that this is obviously a rock band, with a nice little bluesy influence on it. I’m especially a fan of the old school style fuzz tone the guitarists, Rich and Jon have chosen, it’s got a nice, rough edge to it, properly charming stuff!

Another remarkable element is the use of polyrhythms, especially in the song ‘Made’, an odd sounding guitar riff in what I believe is 6/8 timing, backed by a straight four on the floor beat makes for interesting music to listen to, and this song is for sure my favourite on the album, nice little pop-esque elements, with that cheeky (no other way to describe it) riff going along the bottom, really gives the whole track some bounce and life!

The Neon Tigers

In conclusion? Well, it’s too short, four tracks just wasn’t enough for me, as lovely as they were! However, these four show some musical nous, definitely, and more stuff like this is welcome! Bring it on!

The Neon Tigers (still, that name!) are..
Rich: Guitar/Vocals
John: Drums
Gary: Bass
Jon: Guitar

Track Listing
Null And Void

You Can Purchase the EP for £4 here.


Words By Mike Masters.

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