Gamma is a 5 track offering from Bournemouth Indie band Vlad, and it’s a gem.

Despite a rather muddy production this packs a punch, first track “Swallow Me Up” has the vibe of Nirvanaís “Never Mind” with a Britrock vocal giving it a twist. Title track “Gamma” and “Captain Scarlet” are late afternoon festival songs if ever I heard them.

“Still You” is the ballad of the EP and is suitably angst ridden, I love the distorted bridges. The only proviso from me would be, there is a slightly formulaic structure to the songs and across a whole album this could be an issue.


This is Seattle grunge meets Britpop and surprisingly it works, I couldn’t find out much about Vlad, their facebook page is somewhat lacking in useful information about the band, and I haven’t seen them live, an oversight I plan to rectify. If they can produce this energy live, and don’t turn out to be shoe-gazers Vlad could definitely be one to watch. The Vlad EP “Gamma” can be purchased from their bandcamp website here for just £3 as well their 1st EP “The Cat Mix Tape” which can be bought on a ‘name your price’ basis.


Track Listing
Swallow Me Up
Captain Scarlet
Still You

Vlad are…
Ben Lowe (Vocals/Guitar)
Alfie Tyson Brown(Bass Vocals)
Thomas More(Drums)

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Words By Helen Bradley Owers.