Emerging from the remnants of “A View From Nowhere” and “Farwest Leader” comes BISON spitting and snorting. Based in London and Southampton they describe themselves as “a riff fuelled hard rock band based out of London and Southampton. Bison is dirty, tight and heavy, but still tame enough to take home and meet the family”.

I like the phrase “tame enough to take home to the family” because you get that rock vibe, and the energy, yet despite the hard rock and “dirty” description, you could play this EP at a family BBQ and not cause offence, yet it is far from disposable, or easily forgettable. A great driving EP for the coming summer months (their can’t be much rain left in the clouds!).

Opening with the soft guitar work by Jo, but gently growing in presence intro called “TMA”. With its abrupt end the EP then enters into, opening “proper” with the harder sounding “Places That We Have Called Home”, Zanders vocals, have a raw edge to them, and this adds to the rock vibe giving the track that raw feel as well as a little guitar noodling in the background.”High and Broken” is a slightly more laidback affair, with solid rhythm this track, although at times the vocals seem a little swamped. Closing with “Lost in the Rain” that heavier vibe returns courtesy of the dums, with the vocals and guitar battling for position, and producing a great sound.


Check out the EP at their Bandcamp page, it is free to listen to, or you have the option to pay for a download, or physical copy.

They don’t think they will get signed, or that they will make it. Maybe that self effacing approach, and desire to just do their thing, at their own speed, could be what makes them. But why they think they won’t make it I don’t know, the quality of the EP is great, I have heard a lot worse. So prove them wrong go buy the EP it’s only £1 for the download version, as they say it will help fund more material, and I would love to see an album by these guys.

(besides what’s not to like about a band who describe their interests as; Bisons, bisons, bass, and bisons”?)

Line Up
Vocals & Drums: Zander Bell
Guitars: Jo Lazari
Bass: Gareth Morrissy

Track Listing
TMA (intro)
Places That We Have Called Home
High and Broken
Lost In The Rain

Words by Jon “Why did I not listen to this sooner???” M.

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