Arrowing their way out of Essex come Post/Punk quartet Queensway, with their truly infectious new single “Charity Shop Rock”. I was blown away on literally one listen and found myself compelled to wax lyrical about the majesty of this one song.

The scratchy guitar intro leads into a vocal that has echoes of (Dirk Wears White Sox-era) Adam Ant. Slightly nasal it fights for attention above an echoey snare-driven drumbeat and a thudding guitar sound that rarely ascends throughout. The layered vocals are at times veering toward spoken word, simply drawing the listener in. It’s a style not heard since Punk reared its ugly head the first time around. The guitars strain and squall in both bridges and it has that classic unfussy ending.

I’m undecided on the “na na na na na’s” that take the song to its conclusion – this part of the song seems (to me) like an afterthought. Shame; because it has that classic three-minute Punk single feel about it, but that would be open to debate. However; if this is just a prelude to future output, then I yearn for the live experience. Queensway have a Lo-Fi, DIY Punk feel about them – young, snotty, in your face and urgent!! They also have an ear for a riff and the lyrics to match. I’m not bowled over by their choice of moniker either, but it’s not a name you would forget in a hurry. ‘Charity Shop Rock’ has a certain irony not lost on this 50-something reviewer, I just hope on the strength of this single they’re here for the long haul.

Band Members
Vocals/Rhythm guitar – Bennie
Axe – Cherry
Bass – Tom
Drums – Teddy

Listen to the single on Spotify here.


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.


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