Dirtbox Disco

When Burton on Trent’s finest Dirtbox Disco released their debut LP “Legends” they set the bar very high with arguably the best British Punk record for years. Well, they’re back with new LP “People Are Made Of Paper”.

Opening with “Freaks” (I’d expect nothing less), displays the usual Dirtbox staple of ferocious drumming and full on guitar parts to accompany Weab’s now trademark vocal. An anthemic singalong number with a noodly middle 8 or two it’s set to be the new live favourite one feels, and the perfect opener. “My Life Is Shit” is comedic with more than a glimpse of a past/present relationship. More ferocity in the drums and fast Punky guitars. This is a song we can all relate to at some point in our lives.

Dirtbox Disco

“She’s My Baby” is another ode to a lady but goes more for the complimentary. Anthemic “Yeah Yeah Yeah’s” a plenty while the lyrics are more comedic than serious. “What You Gonna Do About It” is a song of unerring back-slapping quality-‘We Are Dirtbox,And Were Bastards,And We Love It’-no half measures here! A clangy bridge mid-song gives it another dimension but one can’t help but smile when listening! “Top Shelf” begins all early 80’s Punk guitars, then descends once again into Dirtbox humour. A story of one mans fantasy girlfriend who lives on the “Top Shelf” of the corner shop. A big 80’s noodly middle 8 doesn’t ruin what is a great, albeit tongue in cheek number. “Round In Circles” stays with the pace with some hard hitting and more noodling. For me it’s the weakest song on here but not unpleasant. I just feel it relies too much on mid 80’s “Poodle Rock” while the lyrics are at best pedestrian. “My Dad Is Bigger Than Your Dad” is even faster with more ferocious drumming but once again the lyrics aren’t particularly challenging, although the ending is great. “My Girlfriends Bestfriends Sister” is an altogether better song than its 2 predecessors. A simple but effective guitar part and some amusing backing vocals (from Spunk) make this slightly awkward but no doubt true story a great return to form. Relationships seem to form a large part of the bands output and it clearly works here – a highlight.

Dirtbox Disco

“You Think You Know Me” is DBD doing what they do best. Heavy guitars,hard drumming and anthemic vocals. Shared vocals really stand out on this LP highlight and well structured song. The ending aint half bad either! “Aftershow Girlies” is performed with tongues very firmly in cheeks! If Steel Panther” had released this song they’d be lauded in Rock circles worldwide. The fact that the Uk’s finest Punk band should choose to go down this route is ambitious, yet it works on all levels. Comedic, anthemic, loud, noodly, fast-paced and Punk. One can imagine the hordes at Rebellion singing this back to the band. “All For One” is a heartfelt song about life in DBD. Nothing new here and the now “staple” noodly middle 8 in this simple song. “Punk Rock N Porno” takes us back up a notch with more fast paced chord changes. A story of “teen dreams”, self explanatory really. That big noodly middle 8 once again is a big feature here but doesn’t detract from what is a fine LP closer. DBD were never going to find it easy to follow such a great debut. That said however they have returned with another fine body of songs with less of their early USA influences and more nods towards their early 80’s Punk peers.

My Life Is Shit
She’s My Baby
What You Gonna Do About It
Top Shelf
Round In Circles
My Dad Is Bigger Than Your Dad
My Girlfriends Bestfriends Sister
You Think You Know Me
Aftershow Girlies
All For One
Punk Rock N Porno


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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