Domino Fire

Bursting out of Somerset come 3 piece Domino Fire with there new demo EP “Illusion of Choice”.

Opening with the not overly snappy, but amusingly titled “The Title Of This Song Is Not Representative Of Its Content”, we have a nice chunky guitar riff that feels held back, and some vocal harmonies guide you into this track, moving into a solid back beat

“Illusion Of Choice” has a different feel to it, a more punchy bass and rhythm, but the biggest difference is the vocals, there is more of a indie punk rock feel to it, almost a Carter feel to the delivery, couple this with that rhythm you have a very catchy track, and one that makes you think it would be popular live.

These guys could be one to watch, especially with a history involving college, love and biscuits, and a name change to “Domino Fire”, from the “The What Now? Kids”, they have been kicking up a storm in their local scene.

Domino Fire

It is hard to categorise these guys as the two tracks “TTOTSINROIC” and “Illusion Of Choice”, although sharing a lot in common, could be different bands. So lets see what you guys can do, stopping teasing, and give us an album! I have listened to the other tracks on their website, and there is a dramatic difference in quality, they have shown a leap forward with this EP. If they keep up with quality of the EP then they are on to a winning combination!

You can hear the EP on their web-site.

Line Up
Jon Scorn – Singist
Rob Hayden – 6 Stringist and vocals
Venetia Morris – Drummist


Words by Jon “and yes we love biscuits”.