The Brian Travis Band

For this album we go a little further a field to California where The Brian Travis band have released their latest album The Coyote & the Crow. This laid back country folk album is inspired by the large amounts Californian sunshine and the home twang of Brian’s childhood in Forsyth Missouri (just outside of Branson).

Brian Travis’s music was introduced to the UK gig going public in 2004 when he toured over here with his “Past the Breakers” album and played gigs with Brian’s musical hero Mike Peters of Welsh Rock band The Alarm. Brian saw The Alarm in 1986 at the famous U.C.L.A. gig from the “Spirit of 86” video where he first realized the power of rock n roll could actually change people’s lives and during this gig it gave him massive inspirations to go away and write songs of his own.

The Brian Travis Band

The new album was produced by George Landress and has two songs, “Howl” & “Evaporate” which were co-written by Travis & Landress especially for this album. The album which provides a huge slice of uplifting modern Americana with some great well written positive lyrical content which takes on a whole host of subjects including life, pain, hope and redemption. The musical content is created by four main musicians with a host of additional musicians bought in to enhance the sound. There are no real stand out tracks as they are all really good in their own indivual ways. Brian’s voice sounds alot like Micheal Stipe, and he cannot hide away from the obvious R.E.M. comparrisons. If R.E.M played country folk music and were influenced by the likes of Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, and The Alarm then they would sound like this. This album takes you on a real journey taking in many genres and styles giving you 12 tracks that all really hit the spot giving the listener a truly remarkable listening experience that grows and grows with each time you listen.

The Brian Travis Band

Additional Musicians
Annie Boxell(Backing Vocals)
Julia Albert(Backing Vocals)
Ace Gonzalex(Lap Steel)
Mike Armstrong(Air Organ)
George Landress(Keys)
Mike Starr(Fiddle)
Willie Donato(/Tenor Sax)

Track Listing
1. Make Believe 1
2. I Need To Know
3. Siren
4. Howl
5. Evaporate
6. All These Lovely Things
7. Secret
8. Bridges
9. Grand Heights
10. Impossible Things
11. Make Believe 2
12. Taney County Town

Brian Travis (Vocals/Guitars)
Mark Wickliffe (Drums/Percussion/Vocals/Piano)
Joe Arena (guitar)
Steve Weil (Bass)


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Words by Dave “only local bands for me” Chinery (Chinners).

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