Alone With Wolves

Strong riffs hooking you in, and shared vocals between the gutteral and clean; it looks like these guys are about to climb out from the underground.

Describing themselves as Post/Hardcore they have a strong sound which skillfully blends those Hardcore elements with softer passages. Certainly the dual vocals; clean and gutteral, sharing sections works well.

“The End Of Nothing” starts strong and clean, soon to drop into the gutteral and aggressive; only to turn itself on its head, moving to a softer Rock stance while blending those vocals again.

“My Life In Your Hands” opens as an explosion as Lewis just bellows at the listener, whilst the drums hit you in a barrage. This leaves you reeling as Dan’s cleaner vocals take over. The track calms down, but the tempo is still persistent, as the attack-style guitar work plays alongside some more intricate finger work. Although the shortest track on the EP, and not by much; this one seems to be over too soon.

Things slow down for “The Change”; even when the tempo increases, it still has a laid-back air to it. This provides the perfect backdrop to Dan’s vocals; as the more gutteral screams while still there, are more in the background. Closing the EP is “With You In Mind” and it opens with an aggressive kick; as the guitars kick in, this time Lewis’s vocals take the forefront. This aggressive feel carries on for the track, and closes the EP powerfully.

Alone With Wolves

This is a ballsy EP-strong, aggressive and riff laden; as well as melodic and catchy. The mixing of the vocal styles is nothing new, but these guys seem to have the balance just right. It is no surprise that they got through the M2TM Bloodstock heats to get themselves to Bloodstock. Well deserved, and shows they have the strength to go further.

The EP was released on 1st September.

Line Up
Lewis Watson – Scream Vocals, and guitar
Danilo Fiocco – Clean vocals
Kieron Baker – Lead guitar
James Noble – Drums
Mark Stanford – Bass, and backing vocals

Track Listing
Cutting Ties
The End Of Nothing
My Life In Your Hands
The Change
With You In Mind


Words by Jon.

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