Describing themselves as “sonic architects” we have Lunarians a 5 piece from Bristol, who fuse art rock and electronica with a resultant effect of enthralling the listener in addictive beats, sculptural rhythms, blended in with a little dose of the 80’s synth.

Opening briefly with “Looming” the gentle, almost dreamlike vocals lure you in as “Pink Metal” takes over with it’s synth and drums. The drum ‘n bass influence can be felt just under the surface. This is all cranked up for “The Sweetening”, the tempo is increased, whilst Sarah’s vocals keep it all under control as well as adding an ounce of psychedelia.

Simon takes over vocals for “Scene In Pieces” which give it more detached feel, almost somewhere between early Human League or Kraftwerk, he would not be out of place performing Joy Division tracks. Whilst proceedings take on an almost Portishead feel, sans theremin, with Jamileh on vocals for “Everyone We Know Is Queer”.


The harsher sound of “Bedroom Music”, with a deeper a darker vocal is provided by Simon, and again oh so reminiscent of those raw earlier forays in synth pop. With it’s dark lyrics, it almost a candidate to have been a indie-goth anthem many years ago, with the synth taking a backseat whilst the bass and drums take the lead.

Another female vocalist, Tanya, takes to the Mike for “Mind Maze” a track that could certainly mess with your mind as its rhythms mess with you, while both vocalists, despite their different sounds, work wonderfully well together, adding to the confusion indicated by the tracks title!


“Hide From The Sun” closes the album as Simon gives a solemn vocal delivery over the gentle backdrop, it is a fitting, and calmer end, to the album that has taken you on an unusual journey.

There is something undeniably cool about this album, about this band! The album is as odd, and quirky, as it is consistent in it’s delivery. Care and attention has gone into making this album sound the way it does, and it shows. I can only guess at their live performance, and the visuals that accompany them. I assume their live shows are somewhere in between the trance/dub tent, and the rock tent. Even with the comparisons, they have kept the sound their own, without mimicking anyone else. With it’s almost electro-punk-pop feel it is enough for older listeners to reminisce but fresh enough to be an engaging experience.


The album is available for free download from their website, while plans are afoot for their second album this year, and if it is anything like this one then it will be well worth tracking down.

Line Up
Simon Baker – Vocals and synth
Laura Peglar – Vocals and synth
Jody England – Guitar
Richard Weatherley – Drums
Jason Baker – Live visuals

Additional Guest Female Vocalists…
Sarah sang The Sweetening
Jamileh sang Everyone We Know Is Queer
Tanya sang Mind Maze

Pink Metal
The Sweetening
Scene In Pieces
Everyone We Know Is Queer
Bedroom Music
Mind Maze


Words by Jon.

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