The Widlerpeople

While local musician Scott Farron has been working in his production suite “Studio Luca” in Bournemouth, he has kept a close eye on the talent that has passed his way with a view to forming an original band once again when the time was right. Like Yul Brynner did in the film The Magnificent Seven, Scott has been putting together his dream team of handpicked musicians to work with. The band have been recording with Steve Smith, had the recordings mastered at the Legendary Abbey Road Studios and has some top-notch production from Sikth guitarist Dan Weller who has worked with bands like Enter Shikari, Young Guns and Baby Metal. The band is called “The Wilderpeople” and their album “Another Day” is set to be released this month.

Just 30 seconds into the first track “Let it Out” you feel the magnitude of sound that this five-piece band can create. The band have vocalist Adam J Oades whose voice is somewhere along the lines of Miles Kennedy or Chris Cornell and he has a huge vocal range capable of hitting any note needed. This is complemented with some seriously well-delivered harmonisation from Scott. The guitars work effortlessly together with Tom and Simon seemingly having some serious chemistry together, to deliver a big sound needed to make the world listen. This; coupled with a rhythm section of Scott on bass and Simon, who compliment it all perfectly. The second track “What You Said” starts with a little-organised guitar distortion and then continues with a section that seriously reminds me of Van Halen’s “Why Can’t This Be Love”. That said the track has many twists and turns and offers the listener a modern slice of Rock that should easily make it onto the playlists of some of the Rock radio stations. My only dislike is the fade at the end, it just seems that something better could be done with the ending.

The Widlerpeople

“Now’s the Time” is a belter of a tune and once again Adam stretches his vocal chords to bring you one special tune, which features some beautiful harmonies combined with melodic guitars that really light up this tune. It shows that the band are ready to get out there and stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best Rock bands out there today. The title tune of this collection “Another Day”; a song that takes the real spirit of all classic Rock bands from times gone by, uses the raw materials of drums, bass and guitars to create something really special. “Walking Tall (Falling Short)” is a song of epic proportions that I’m so excited to hear live; a big tune with a big guitar sound destined I’m sure to be a live favourite, lyrically it is certainly the best of the collection with a chorus waiting to be sung out loud by audiences of excited Rock fans.

“September Son” is a really special song that features a spirit of someone who was a big influence on this band and particularly this tune. It has a Led Zeppelin-style acoustic guitar intro before the band once again light up your eardrums with a heavenly sound that is sure to push this band forward. Adam introduces new vocal styles that continue to show the magnitude of what he can deliver. The attention to detail on these recordings certainly does not go unnoticed, along with the great production. Here we have possibly one of the best debut recordings I have heard in a very long time. The guys have bided their time and put in a huge amount of effort to get things just right.

Band Members
Adam J Oades – Lead Vox
Simon Edwards- Drums
Tom Calvert- Guitar
Scotty Farron- Bass
Duncan Petrus- Guitar

Track Listing
Let it Out
What You Said
Now’s the Time
Another Day
Walking Tall (Falling Short)
September Son



Words by David Chinery.

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