We have just heard the sad news that Sansara’s rhythm guitarist Chris Holmes is leaving the band, here is his statement and reasons behind his departure…

“It is with great sorrow that I announce my departure from the band I started with my close friends and family in Sansara. This has been one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make and it’s taken me a long time to finally reach this conclusion. For a long time, Sansara has been the sole focus of all my energy and having put so much into the band, I’ve let my personal circumstances slip to such a severely poor state, that I find it almost impossible to control any other aspect of my life. It guts me to leave such an amazing band behind, but if I were to continue with the same level of commitment that I have always given to my true passion, then there simply would be nothing left of me to give within a matter of months. I plan to take some time out from the music scene to get back on top of personal matters and find happiness again in my life.


No doubt I will return at some point with new ideas and the flame re-ignited, however I need a stronger foundation to support this and for now, rebuilding from the ground up is the choice I have reluctantly had to make. I wish my family in Sansara the very best and hope they move on to the bigger and better things they really deserve. Music will remain a part of my life forever and to those that have contributed to the tattoo project, you will symbolise some of the happiest moments and proudest achievements I’m likely to ever experience. Thank you all for endless support and I can promise I will be back, but for now I’m signing off from duty.

Keep on rockin'”


The band will continue and auditions for Chris’replacement start soon:

SANSARA Rhythm Guitarist Auditions

We are looking for a new rhythm guitar player to permanently join us and become part of Sansara.

Applicants must be:
* Fully committed to the band and all aspects of band life
* An accomplished and CREATIVE guitarist
* Available for two rehearsals a week (one of which is on a Sunday)
* Able to tour nationally and internationally (with advance notice)
* Willing to work in admin areas for the band (online etc)
* Able to contribute on an equal level to all other four members when necessary
* Able to sing backing vocal harmonies
* Confident and comfortable on stage
* Clear on the position of a rhythm guitarist
* Be able to drive
* Fully kitted out with all own and quality gear
* Able to to have an amazing time with a kick ass band and enjoy it!

This is a great opportunity for the right person. We have massive plans for the up and coming future, including tours and recordings. We will be also be writing together over the next few months for a recording and release in early 2014 (more details on application).

If you are interested in applying, send us a video audition of you demonstrating an example of what you would consider creative and diverse playing that you think would suit Sansara. Or take it to a new place and show us a video of you playing along to our latest single ‘Let It Burn’.

Send all auditions to –

We can’t wait to see your auditions and hopefully jam soon then get on the road.

Sam, Tom, Simon & Mike.

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